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Thread: My first trip

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    Dave, you sound like you probably have the right attitude to become a fly fisherman. You seem to already know that trout country is usually beautiful, that trout are Heaven-sent magical creatures, and that fishing for them is the most fun you can have with your clothes on. The rest is just knowledge, as you fill the bottomless lobes of your brain with skills and experiences. You will never totally master fly fishing - so you get to spend the rest of your life trying. Ain't it great?

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    I went on my first trout fishing trip last week. Went to the White river in Arkansas, hired a fly fishing guide and took the plunge. River was high, we fished out of his boat. Used San Juan worms and midge's. Tandem rigs. Hard work casting that rig with a 10ft rod. Had to make several hauls and then we drifted. Caught two Browns-- one 20" and the other 19 1/2. Just beautiful fish. The guide seemed happy too. Caught several Bow's. All fish were released.
    Man, the river was beautiful, cold and clear with a deep color to it. Swift too.
    My first trout fishing trip in 67 yrs and I'll remember it to the day I die. Beautiful.
    I've tried to post pictures but in my limited computer knowledge I may not get them on. I tried anyway.
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    You guys express my feelings perfectly about this sport. I just started fly fishing in May. I was about to give up entirely on fishing. Everytime I came home my wife would ask "Where are the fish?" My answer was alway "Didn't get any."

    Well my first time out with a cheap spin/fly combo, a nymph, and a piece of monofilament for a leader (I didn't know about leaders, tippets, et al at the time) I caught 7 (seven) trout. I was hooked better than those fish.

    Today I went out and caught only two small mouth bass, but the stream was so beautiful it wouldn't have mattered if I caught nothing. Great day on a beautiful stretch of stream in Western New York.


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