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  1. Default Upper Peninsula of Michigan questions...

    I'm intrigued by the possibilities of fishing the eastern and/or central Upper Peninsula of Michigan in September.

    I'm tormented by making my third trip to the N. Platte River in Wyoming where I have known camping and excellent fishing spots. The U.P. is an unknown quantity, but half the distance to travel (from Pennsylvania).

    If I could find half as good fishing in the U.P. as Wyoming, I wouldn't hesitate to try it this year.

    I've purchased two books, scoured the internet, and have some ideas about the Escanaba, Two Heart, Carp. Laughing Whitefish.

    If anybody has any info that would help, of what to look for and what realistic expectations I might have in the area from the Macinac Bridge to Sault St. Marie to Marquette.

    Aesthetics are as important as catching fish, I don't want the urban setting of fishing the Soo area, I like a wilderness setting. I'm not necessarily interested in the lake runs. I'd like a quiet pond for brookies and pike, a river or two to try where I've got a shot at brookies and rainbows.

    I'd be happy to trade anyone info on the N.Platte River in Wyoming or the Lake Erie tributaries for steelhead....


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    Default Re: Upper Peninsula of Michigan questions...

    Hi Mickeyfinn,

    I have never fished the UP but maybe I can help. You don't say what books you have. If you don't have "Trout Streams of Michigan" it may be helpful. Here is a web site that has some good information. They also recommend a couple of books. The link takes you to the page that list some different waters to try.

    Good luck with your search. I knew a fellow that use to fish Beaver Ponds in the UP. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources may offer some assistance.


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