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  1. Default Cimarron River, New Mexico Trip??

    I am wanting to try a trip to NE New Mexico and fish the Cimarron and any other waters near by...I am looking for any suggestions pro or con about this area.. Guides, Good Spots, don't waste my time or what ever...I was thinking about first of September.. I usually go up in to Colorado but considering a shorter trip. I live in Oklahoma. MikeLove

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    Try Red River Anglers 575-770-0456. If you've never fished the Cimarron it is different fishing....very narrow, overgrown will basically use high sticking or dead drifting your fly down is also really crowded and the few places with enough room to cast are usually really crowded...I've never enjoyed it very much.

    If it was me I would look at the Conejos River West of Antineto, Colorado just over the NM border. It's just a couple of hours more, will be less crowded and offers some great fishing. Checkout
    They are really nice folk and can put you onto some really good water.

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    Hey, Mike. I am Jim Perkins, the USDA guy you met at Jesse's. I fished the Cimarron a weekend in July. It should not be crowded in Sept. It is a close little stream, like Spillway. I did well on dry flies. I don't know what will be hatching in Sept., probably tricos. You might contact Dos Amigos Fly Shop in Eagle Nest, the closest place for much of anything, then again there ain't much there. Also, check out Taos Fly Shop. The lake at Eagle Nest fishes pretty well from the bank. I didn't get to fish it because of the weather. I understand that water flows above 35cfs are pretty hard to fish, and see how that could be so. Accomodations could be a problem. You might want to make arrangememts in Eagle Nest before you go. There are a couple of camp grounds in the Canyon, it you are camping. My email is if you want to contact me. I've been in Nashville, Ar for a while, working. My brother and I are going to Gunnison for a week in early Sept. There is a lot of flyfishing in N.M. and several good websites with info.

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    Thanks, Jim..I may end up on the Gunnison before I come home...I plan on fishing and sleeping in my Mini van..eating cheep and spend money on a guide..

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeLove View Post
    I plan on fishing and sleeping in my Mini van..eating cheep and spend money on a guide..
    Guide recommendation: See if the Taos Fly Shop (505-751-1312) can set you up with Brian Spillman (spelling of his last name might be incorrect). Brian is a truly great guide.

    River recommendations: 1. Costilla Creek (Amalia, NM), check the irrigation river flow schedule before you go--it might be a dry gulch in September (appears this might be true based on last year's data - ); 2. Culebra Creek (San Luis, CO)--private water available through Taos Fly Shop.

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