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View Poll Results: When wading in coldwater situations I prefer...

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  • Neoprene Chest Waders

    64 25.40%
  • Breathable Chest Waders

    145 57.54%
  • Neoprene Pants Waders

    1 0.40%
  • Breathable Pants Waders

    14 5.56%
  • Neoprene Hip Waders

    2 0.79%
  • Breathable Hip Waders

    7 2.78%
  • Wet Wading with Wading Boot

    7 2.78%
  • Wet Wading with Wading Sandal

    6 2.38%
  • Other - Please post an explanation

    6 2.38%
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Thread: Waders Poll

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    I recently went to breathable pants. I don't need to be wading that deep anyway. I always seem to get myself in trouble over the waist area.
    All Means All

  2. Default Re: Waders Poll

    I am hoping that they breathe better than your so called breathable waders do..


  3. Default Re: Waders Poll

    I use breathable chest waders with something warm under them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fshfanatic
    I am hoping that they breathe better than your so called breathable waders do..

    My waders have asthma! LOL!

    Well, the second time the cold water decided to creep over the tops of those pant waders I went back to full length ones. Got some Orvis Silver Label 2's. Great waders.
    All Means All

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    B. Breatheable Chest Waders

    I have the Cabela's Guide Tech Dry Plus and they have been great. In the summer I use less layers and roll them down. I would recommend them and would probably buy them again if I needed to. The waters I fish get snow runoff year round or are cold mountain spring fed, and the water is quite cold.

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    I voted wet wading with wading boots but it really depends on the situation. As long as my feet are warm, I really don't mind cold water on the legs and midsection. That applies only in good weather though. If it's also cold out, I want the chest waders. Hot days I'm miserable in my "breathable" chest waders no matter how cold the water. I might as well be wet wading because I'm sweating my butt off anyway.

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    Default Re: Waders Poll

    [quote=darkknight;2965]I'm just curious about what everyones preferences is when comes to wading in coldwater situations.

    Hi Terry,

    OK, I took you at your word. You said cold water and to me that is Alaska or winter Steelhead fishing. So for cold water I have got to say neoprene. For fishing during the summer in the west I like my Simms breathable Guide Pants. They work super for my pontoon boat.

    At my age I have to limit my wading depth and the Guide pants suite me fine. They are really appreciated in the desert where the water is cold and the weather is hot.

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    B) Breathable Chest Waders. I have the Simms Guide Stockingfoots which are now five years old. I layer with polypro and fleece in the cold weather months and stay comfortable. During the warm months I wet wade 90% of the time. If I'm fishing an area with heavy brush and copperheads, which are prevalent where I fish, I wear my waders as a precaution to help protect my ankles/legs. Once bitten, twice shy.

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    now, i USUALLY fish with breathable chest high waders, often rolling them down to waist level height. the idea of waist high waders is nice but sometimes i just need chest high options. if there's a secondary poll going on here behind the scenes, i have a new pair of orvis pro guides... ;-) i also have some hip waders i like to use when i can. generally if the water's colder than 65, i'm a pansy.

    but the question is which method is my favorite. well, that would have to be what i did today for the first time this season. wet wading boot. swim trunks with big side pockets, performance-style material short sleeved shirt, a small chest pack and full wading boots (with gravel guards). i used to use the simms wet wading sandals but now love the added ankle support of my new full boots (having just moved to stockingfoot from bootfoot waders this year). 68 degree water, freestone river, i can simply shed the pack, place the rod on the bank and go for a swim in a deep pool. ahhhhh. clothes are dry within minutes. and when nature calls, so much easier without waders.

    fresno, ca.

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    I like neo chest when its below 50, Ive become a bit of a sissy since I migrated south of the Mason Dixon,
    " They may take our lives,,,,but they'll never take our freedom!"

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