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View Poll Results: When wading in coldwater situations I prefer...

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  • Neoprene Chest Waders

    64 25.40%
  • Breathable Chest Waders

    145 57.54%
  • Neoprene Pants Waders

    1 0.40%
  • Breathable Pants Waders

    14 5.56%
  • Neoprene Hip Waders

    2 0.79%
  • Breathable Hip Waders

    7 2.78%
  • Wet Wading with Wading Boot

    7 2.78%
  • Wet Wading with Wading Sandal

    6 2.38%
  • Other - Please post an explanation

    6 2.38%
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Thread: Waders Poll

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    Breathable Chest Waders.
    Only one's I have & most likely will ever own.

    Tie one on

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    Breathable booted Hippers for Pontoon, neoprene sock and boot for wet wading, and Orvis Pro Guide II for all other including year round fishing.
    Love the Orvis, but there is a problem with that inner weld. Should be good for another year hopefully then it will be WJ zip ups.
    I fish winter with breathable and just layer right.

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    Default Re: Waders Poll

    Well, I guess there is some advantages to hip boots.

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    Careful Frank, this is a fishing forum !!!!!!! Oh I'm sorry, I see the rod now.....


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    for most fishing i use breathable stocking foot chest waders and wading boots. this gets me from about 30 - 70 outside air temp. on the hot days i wade wet. some in between days in a boat i will bring waders along, but not wear them. always boots and neoprene socks when wading wet.

    but when it's cold out, below 30 to about 15 or so (i dont fish below 15, the skiing is usually too good that time of year and i hate clearing ice from my rod guides) i use breathable boot foot chest waders. its amazing how much warmer your feet stay when they arent compressed by boots and laces. i size mine to fit a couple pair of socks comfortably, and plenty of room for fleece pants.

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    Breathable chest waders, can fold down to belt on hot days and add long handles in the winter, have so far been out last week end on the Poudre air was 38 deg F water was about 48 deg, was loving it till my fingers started going numb, will start researching gloves this week.

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    Okey you know why they say Orvis waders? dont leak cause people who whear orvis dont fish I like my simms G3 and I am going to get the new G4 proshell when they come out. Just layer up when it gets cold out and you will be fine.
    Catch & Release all wild Trout.

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    still looking for waders,can anyone post a link to some good e-shops. Looking for sale or discoutinued items (preferablly Simms or William joseph waders).

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    I have Columbia's Steelhead waders and really like them. In the summer I like to wet wade though.


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    I have two pairs of waders, pantagonia breathable and springbrook neopreme. When the water is cold in the early spring and late fall I use the neopreme to help hold in the body heat. You can't beat them when your standing in the water for a long period of time.


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