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View Poll Results: When wading in coldwater situations I prefer...

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  • Neoprene Chest Waders

    64 25.40%
  • Breathable Chest Waders

    145 57.54%
  • Neoprene Pants Waders

    1 0.40%
  • Breathable Pants Waders

    14 5.56%
  • Neoprene Hip Waders

    2 0.79%
  • Breathable Hip Waders

    7 2.78%
  • Wet Wading with Wading Boot

    7 2.78%
  • Wet Wading with Wading Sandal

    6 2.38%
  • Other - Please post an explanation

    6 2.38%
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Thread: Waders Poll

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    Default Waders Poll

    I'm just curious about what everyones preferences is when comes to wading in coldwater situations. I thought I would ask a friendly little poll to see what everyone uses. Here are your opitons: When wading in coldwater situations I prefer...

    A) Neoprene Chest Waders
    B) Breathable Chest Waders
    C) Neoprene Pants Waders
    D) Breathable Pants Waders
    E) Neoprene Hip Waders
    F) Breathable Hip Waders
    G) Wet Wading with Wading Boot
    H) Wet Wading with Wading Sandal
    I) Other (Please give description)

    Now, I know this depends on a number of things such as weather, season, etc. but if you had to choose your favorite which one would it be. If you would like to give any particular details such as Brand & model name please feel free.

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    Default Re: Waders Poll

    B. Breathable chest. I got a great deal on the Simms Guide model waders when I was still in the business and am probably spoiled for life now. They fit really well, have never leaked, and are tougher than chinese algebra.

    They can easily be rolled down to be pants waders. I would rather have them and be able to wear them full heigth when need be than not have that option. I still need to get some hip waders from Steve and will before too long. I'm not concerned about them being breathable, since my legs don't produce near as much heat as does my torso. I also figure that the lower half of the leg of any wader is not going to be very breathable, so why pay 2-3x the price for breathable leggings?

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

  3. Default Re: Waders Poll

    I have a pair of Orvis High Back Breathable waders for the deeper water and a pair of Orvis Hippers (Thanks Steve) for when I am in my pontoon. If it is cold I layer my clothes. Neopreen is something I will never return to.

  4. Default Re: Waders Poll

    G) Wet Wading with Wading Boot

    and sometimes

    B) Breathable Chest Waders

    This is a tough one to answer by choosing just one.

    Ya'll already know how I feel about this topic...

    It really depends upon several factors such as the temperature of the outdoors, the water, how deep you'll be wading, your tolerance to cold, etc...

    I rarely ever use waders. I wet wade whenever I can… and that is most of the time. I fish a lot of small mountain streams June-August in Colorado, New Mexico, Montana, etc... The outdoor temp, during the day, is usually not too low. So, I will wade in shorts and boots. The cool stream water feels great to me... and we're talking about some cold water coming off of the mountains. Its a little cold at first but your legs acclimate to it in just a few brief minutes. The only real reason you need waders is if the outdoor temp is low, so that when you get out of the water you don't freeze your buns off. So, in the winter, I will certainly use a high quality breathable wader.

    Now... the water depth has a little to do with it also. I can wet wade in cold water calf deep all day long... but the same temp in thigh deep water may be too much to bare over the long haul.

    Overall, waders are just a big bulky hassle that I'd rather live without. The ultimate decision is yours. I would recommend going wet at first. If you don't like it... invest in a pair of breathable waders. Be sure to go breathable. Neoprene waders are too heavy, too hot, and will make you sweat even in the dead of winter.

    Now... I do recommend a good wadingshoe for wet wading. For this type of application, I use a lightweight hiking/wading shoe with felt soles. Mine are the Chota Brookie II Hiking/Wading Boot. These are very lightweight and offer good ankle support. They have a hiking rubber sole with two patches of felt on each. These are the ideal wet wading shoes. Take a look at

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    Another thought or two...

    Terry, if you're fishing Beaver's Bend you will sometimes need waders. I wet wade in the fall and spring... but in December and January, I usually need waders. If you get'em... by all means go with a good breathable chest wader.

    [IMG2="left"][/IMG2] There are several good waders out there at decent prices. Our best selling wader by far is the Stearns Sealdri Breathable Chest Wader. These represent one of the best values on the market when it comes to waders. As you know, Stearns has been in the marine/outdoor business for many years. They are known for their quality workmanship. Not many folks recognize them for their fly fishing gear however. But they make an excellent line of waders and wading boots that are as good as any.

    The Sealdri waders are less than 100 dollars and are very very good. They have a 3-ply waterproof/breathable Sealdri fabric with polyester outershell. Adjustable web/elastic suspenders with quick release buckles. Reinforced knee pads. Zippered inside storage pocket. 3mm neoprene booties. Slip-on gravel guards and repair kit included.

    I have sold dozens of these with no complaints or returns.

  6. Default Re: Waders Poll

    B) Breathable Chest Waders

    I got a pair of the Stearns SealDry about two years ago. They're still working great. I also got the Stearns Leather-Duramesh wading boots to go with them. So for around a hundred and a half I got a complete high-quality wading set-up. I'm very pleased.


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    Default Re: Waders Poll

    B) Breathable Chest Waders

    I have a pair of Orvis Clearwater Endura waders. I like them so far and have not had any problems with them. I prefer wet wading whenever possible.

  8. Default Re: Waders Poll

    Orvis makes great waders. I remember my first breathable wader was one of the Orvis guide series. They served me well for several years before springing a leak. Orvis really got the industries attention when they first started offering breathable waders at less than 100 dollars. I like their waders.

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    I'm going with B, breathable chest waders as well. However, sometimes here in MI in winter, it's a little chilly and I break out the neos but that is one cold day for that to happen. They are not nearly as comfortable.

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    Default Re: Waders Poll

    Hey Guys,
    Steve set this up as an actual Poll so be sure to go in again and post your selection.

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