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Thread: Barbless Hooks??

  1. Default Barbless Hooks??

    I am leaving for West Yellowstone on Saturday and was just curious about something. I know that the park has a barbless hook regulation now. I typically just crimp mine down with forceps when required. Certain states are more detailed with what a barbless hook is (i.e. filed down, shouldn't snag cloth, etc.). Also, when I have fished barbless hook waters before it was just required for the flies in the water and not all of the flies in your box.

    I plan on asking a ranger at a station but was curious to see if anyone knew.....
    -Is it alright to just pinch the barb down with forceps in the park?
    -Do you have to pinch every fly in your box or just the flies that you have tied on/have in the water?

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    I do the same thing with the forceps. I haven't had any problems doing it that way.


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    I have a friend that found out what happens when you don't smash the barbs down! We had to go to a farm house to have a hook cut out with wire cutters...... dang the second day the dummy got anther one in his hand.... this time we had to take him to the emergency room................. barbed hooks can be very dangerous!!! Now as a guide I'll file some of my hooks down or even go through my flyboxes and check one at a time.... stiff needle nose pliers to smash the barb off completly....
    Hello all! I've been looking for a flyfishing forum.........

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