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Thread: grass hoppers

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    Hi everbody,

    I've always liked to watch natural hoppers and the trout smack em' as i fish.
    But ive come to notice, especially on the lakes i fish, (prairie boy) that only the trout smack em' as they skitter and try to get to the bank. Does anyone would it might be a good idea to try skittering them.

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    I don't think that it would hurt to have the hopper skitter across the surface. When I fish in pods with hoppers, I just give a couple of little twitiches and let it set for a minute. Then repeat. Just keep it changed up. Don't give two twitches, count to ten and two more. Try and make it feel natural. My dad taught me to think this way, think that you're the hopper. You want to get to the bank so you move, but you "see" something flash under you, you stop, hoping that it'll not see you. When you don't "see" it anymore you move on until you reach the bank and safety or you see more movement. Hope this helps.
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