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  1. Default Value of a book?

    I really dont know where to put this so I will post it here

    I have a copy of "A modern dry fly code" by Vincent Marinaro that I was going to trade off. I did a quick search online and they sell anywhere from $30-$200 for the 8th edition I have on Amazon and others. That is a huge spread, anybody know a place online to get a better idea of value for this book? Its the 8th Edition from 1974. Thanks for your help.

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    Default Re: Value of a book?

    Hi Reviveourhomes,

    You may have already seen this listing on Amazon. This is the retail value and you may have a problem getting that much. As a trade you might get full value. It seems that the older the book is the less value it has.

    I sold a lifetime collection of gun books to a dealer. I had near a hundred books and got $600.

    Amazon Listing

    Modern Dry-Fly Code by Vincent C. Marinaro (Hardcover - 1974)
    3 Used & new from $50.00

  3. Default Re: Value of a book?

    Frank, thanks for the reply. Yes I saw that one and this one. Used and New: A Modern Dry-Fly Code

    On that page they range from $130-$300, thats why I was a bit confused on the actual value of the book.

    Thanks again for the reply.

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    Default Re: Value of a book?

    i would be interested in buying it.for 30.00 that is i had my copy stolen....
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  5. Default Re: Value of a book?

    A lot depends on the condition of the book and dust jacket. Also an 8th edition will be worth a lot less than a 1st.

    You can always call Judith Bowman in New York State, or Ken Callahan in New Hampshire.


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