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  1. Default Repairing the fly line loop?

    So i got snagged and pulled my fly line to un-snag it and it looks like the loop at the end is not in the best condition. Anyone know of a way to repair the loop? Its a sinking line and has some thickness at the end which has a purpose so i dont really wanna cut it off and tie a new one.

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    I cut it off and use the method I describe on this related post:

    Fly line tip loop durability?

    If you are really worried about the tip not sinking as fast, most tapered fly lines have a short level tip section. Take your tip and compare the diameter until you find the beginning of the taper where the line starts to thicken a bit. Cut the tip off and tie the nail knot to the fly line. You will have a slightly thicker "tip" that is not double over and will sink without the double over surface area resistance of the thinner tip.


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