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    Default Re: Your take on Orvis' 50/50 On the Water Ad?

    _20180419_093641 by James Landis, on Flickr

    K tagged a one-drift big water birthday brown....

    I have no interest in Orvis goods, I haven't found any advantage to owning their products.......
    They just want to sell more any I can ignore their pitch.
    But as far as women fishing, I have been getting women on the water for years.....
    Any women that desire to fish give me a call....
    Not teaching them to group fish though, just for the love of chasing big fish ninja style.
    But, it's a be careful what you ask for, she may well out fish you.....

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    The bar isn't set by the fish we catch, but by the one's we don't.


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    Default Re: Your take on Orvis' 50/50 On the Water Ad?

    It's marketing product and that's it.....They all do it.

    Lady S&W 38 Spl.

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    Default Re: Your take on Orvis' 50/50 On the Water Ad?

    Admit I haven't read all the posts. There is no glass ceiling IMO. My daughter is a forum member and I should ask her to post this thread. Here is what I am confident she would say.

    -All my Dad's flyfishing buddies were always so welcoming, helped me learn. Treated me like I was special when I fished with them or attended.

    -The guide my Dad hired taught me more in 30 minutes than my father did in a few months. He was very nice to me and didn't treat me like a "novelty little girl fly fisherwoman"

    -Most gear fits my female figure horrible but I found a female owned company that is addressing that. I can be comfortable, wear gear that doesn't look quite so manly, but and it's not "Barbie Doll Pink" I don't really want to look just like my old man on the water. Appearance does matter to me some.

    Not making this up. I've heard these words come out of her mouth. She doesn't feel discriminated against in the least. She feels a little proud she was bold enough to hang out with some old white dudes and learn top catch some fish the "hard way". She is Asian BTW so she has the "all Asians are poachers" sterotype to deal with too. That actualy hurts her more when she reads it on a forum.

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  6. Default Re: Your take on Orvis' 50/50 On the Water Ad?

    This post was sure to get things going in a negative direction so it has been edited. I figure you may return to see if there was a response, what we try to avoid here is to directly call out another member when they give an opinion. And at all possible instances we keep individual politics out of the forums. If you see blatant politicizing of a topic please report that post.

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    Default Re: Your take on Orvis' 50/50 On the Water Ad?

    Quote Originally Posted by mka View Post
    One of my best feel good days on a river happened a couple years ago on the San Juan. A senior couple were fishing near me...they were never more than a short cast apart of each other all afternoon. I'm guessing they were in their 80's or about and at the end of the day, he took her hand and they walked out of the river together...holding hands all the way to shore. They were very good fly fishers and I wondered if they fly fished their whole married life? For me...that's the ultimate 50/50 in view of a lifelong commitment to each other enjoying the honorable sport of fly fishing.

    My photo of them leaving the river is poor because of lighting, but I keep it because it reminds me of them and their visible love for each other:

    Prize for Best post of this thread!! Well Done Sir!!
    Adoption is Amazing

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    Default Re: Your take on Orvis' 50/50 On the Water Ad?

    I donít have a problem with anything Orvis did in this add. I have a problem with the idiot that left that message. I have been fly fishing for 3 years now in Northern Virginia and I fish often. In 3 years I have only seen one woman fly fishing. Like the caller in the ad, I have noticed that a lot of Orvisí and Catch Magazineís videos have featured women in fly fishing lately, but unlike the caller, I take no issue with that. I can understand why a company would want to broaden their market and I would personally like to see the sport continue to grow. Marketing to women makes perfect sense.

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    Default Re: Your take on Orvis' 50/50 On the Water Ad?

    Shock, horror...a business figures out that it's not selling much to 50% of the population and tries to do something about it. Nothing wrong with that.

    Shame they went about it with such a divisive ad that insults men who buy their products and women they want to buy their products. All the pretty white women of America must be so grateful to Orvis for finally freeing them to get out there and fish!

    There are still plenty of 'real' obstacles facing women that we should all care about and work to remove. Going fishing isn't one of them.
    Fishing For Trout Blog

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    Default Re: Your take on Orvis' 50/50 On the Water Ad?

    I attended the Orvis FlyFishing 101 class recently. Out of the 8 adults in the class 3 were women. Thatís almost 50/50.

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    Default Re: Your take on Orvis' 50/50 On the Water Ad?

    As many have identified, it is almost certain there was no "idiot"; too perfect, too scripted. It was a straw man argument for Orvis to build and then tear down. That's what we find reprehensible. Oh, and here in MT, tons of women flyfishing.

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