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    Okay thx. Looks like ill be calling nautilus tomorrow

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    Default Re: Fly reel doesn't make noise when i reel in?


    I likewise had a Nautilus reel, it was the model that was replaced by the X-Series.

    I exchanged it for precisely the reason mentioned by the OP. I got a Galvan Torque to replace it and have been very happy.

    Particularly at light drag settings, the setting most used for trout fishing, the clicking noise during retrieve was non-existent.

    That is why I am extremely gun shy to take a chance on another Nautilus reel when there so many other highly regarded reels on the market.

    And after reading some of the posts above, it appears my reticence is warranted.

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    Gotcha, the no retrieval sound doesnt get to me as much as on the lowest drag setting the fly line definitely doesnt come out as easy as every other reel

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    Default Re: Fly reel doesn't make noise when i reel in?

    Quote Originally Posted by jayw2942 View Post
    Thx for the reply. Nice hearing from a nautilus xm owner. Have you noticed that you have to pull harder to get line out even on the loosest drag setting than other fly reels?
    I have an older Nautilus, and it takes much more force to strip line off than either my Lamson or Sage. It also has silent retrieve.

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    Default Re: Fly reel doesn't make noise when i reel in?

    It almost sounds like the crank direction is set opposite of the way your line and backing were wound on the reel. I had a Nautilus FWX 5/6 that often made a honking noise that would escalate to a higher pitch as line was stripped off at higher rates of speed. According to the man, at Nautilus, the drag needed to be lubricated properly (should have been at factory). Followed recommendations and reel quieted down. Promptly sold the reel and haven’t looked back. Best of luck. Nautilus reels seem to get rave reviews unless someone gets a lemon. Problem is that too many Lemons seem to have left the shop and into the market place!

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    I have the model that came before the model that came before the X! It has taken some mighty big snook for a little reel with never a problem. Drag adjustment has never been as precise as many demand, but there's always the palm which never breaks and is endlessly more fun! I cannot help but comment because I'm always stumped by fly angler's fascination with reel noise. I'd be happy if all I had were fly reels that were silent! I've never heard of anything but stellar remarks about the companies customer service until this thread. I remember a fellow on a forum describe how Nautilus' owner personally opened up the shop on a Sunday to meet his needs of a minor repair as he past by on his way to the cruise port. He even got a factory tour out of it. That kind of attention mirrors the customer service I received from them for my Old Florida reel.

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