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    Default ferrules coming loose

    I have seen reference to this issue in several posts over the last few weeks. I often wax the ferrules on my rods and seat the sections together rather firmly in a very slight twisting motion and always in a clockwise direction. When I disassemble the rod after fishing, I can usually pull the sections apart with a little bit of effort, no grunting, just a little effort. I have never had a section separate while fishing. Perhaps I've been lucky, but have many of you had sections separate while fishing?

    Just curious,

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    Default Re: ferrules coming loose

    You shouldn’t have any problem because you are waxing and assembling the rod carefully. Some of us learned that after some mishaps.

    Back when fishing early Fenwick glass, waxing the ferrules wasn’t commonly known at first. With those two piece rods it wasn’t uncommon to have the tip actually come off especially during a vigorous roll cast. Later in the 70s we knew to use paraffin, but sometimes forgot.

    Fast forward to the mid-80s and fishing a two piece graphite rod on the Umpqua for steelhead. Rod was a brand new custom built on a Loomis Composites blank. I hadn’t waxed or paid close enough attention to putting it together and it came loose on a roll cast. But it came loose at exactly the wrong time in the cast and the whole top piece splintered from the ferrule up to the first wrapping.

    I was able to get a new tip made, but have never skipped regular paraffin treatments again. It does happen, but the fit on today’s rods seem to be better and such events are less likely.

    Keep on doing what you are doing and you will be fine.


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    Default Re: ferrules coming loose

    Yes I have.

    I have this fear, a fear of pushing the ferrules too hard & cracking the female part. So how much would be the limit before doing damage?

    Like you, I also twist the two sections. I push the sections together till they stop without forcing them, then I twist beginning with a 90 deg. turn till the guides are lined up. This has helped.

    Then I started adding wax to the male ferrule, not only to help seat the sections a little better, but to help seperate them. I don't like stuck ferrules, and sometimes I don't know my own strength.

    There are many different opinions on using wax, and I know that Orvis & Scott both recommend the use of wax. All I know is that it has helped me put away the fear of cracking my ferrules while putting together or taking apart. And furthermore, my ferrules don't come loose while fishing anymore. But I still check them from time to time while fishing, and I recommend others to do the same.
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    Default Re: ferrules coming loose

    Quote Originally Posted by dharkin View Post
    ...have many of you had sections separate while fishing?

    Just curious,

    I had the joint of my beloved Orvis PM10 9wt loosen up while fishing poppers at night for stripers on Cape Cod. In mid-cast, something felt funny and just as I realized it might be a loose (while continuing the cast)... SNAP!

    Orvis covered it but, by then, the PM10 had been discontinued so I got a free "upgrade" (I think it was the HLS that was next in the Orvis rod line at that time).

    Tight lines,
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    Default Re: ferrules coming loose

    I remember section twist and or the occasional separation quite frequently as recently as the mid 2000s but not so much lately. I think it was more prevalent years back because blank production tolerances were not as tight as today's standards. I rarely see it in quality rods these days.

    That said, I had a good friend who used to night fish for stripers with a high end 10' G Loomis 4 piece 9 wt back around 2010. He had regular issues with the sections twisting during the coarse of a nights fishing to the point it maddened him. So much so that he ( despite my pleading not to do so) epoxied each section together to make a one piece 10' rod. Fortunately, he drove a van and the darned thing still fit inside for trips to the beach. Warranty claims would have been a whole different matter though :-)

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    Default Re: ferrules coming loose

    Quote Originally Posted by sparsegraystubble View Post
    Back when fishing early Fenwick glass, waxing the ferrules wasn’t commonly known at first. With those two piece rods it wasn’t uncommon to have the tip actually come off especially during a vigorous roll cast.

    That rang a bell Don.

    I've had so few instances of the problem that I can't peg the last one however........... The quote moved me to post, I hear people who Spey cast remark about loose ferrules and many wax their rods. Whether traditional roll casting or Spey casting some folks seem to create more various forms of directional torque than others. I think that if your casting stroke stays within relatively straight planes and you are smooth in your casting there is a lessened chance of the rod twisting itself loose. Myself, I don't wax or tape. It seems that while not gifted with great wealth I was blessed with a smooth and direct stroke in the cast. For those who are having loose ferrule problems I'd say to consider slowing down a bit and going for smoothness in the cast.

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