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    I will be in south west Colorado region for a week end this month, I have never caught a brook trout before, can anyone tell me some waters in that area where I could hook some. I fished the Dolores a few weeks ago, but I think it had been recently stocked as I only caught rainbows. Any tips fly selection etc. would be great.

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    Have you thought about the Weminuche Wilderness and Pagosa Springs area in particular? Southwestern Colorado is a big, big area. texasflycaster

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    I'm planning on fishing the four conners area.

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    pkx --

    Don't mean to highjack your post but I plan to fish the Dolores (below McPhee Reservoir) in early November for the first time. I'm curious to know what stretch of the river you fished and hope you might provide some info about the river. Thanks.

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    I fished the delores above and below Rico (above Mcphee dam), I was after brook trout but all I caught were rainbows. Below Rico was thick with fish I had about 15-20 in a 3 hour morning session but they where small 6-8 inch range. Above Rico the fish where bigger but not as many I had fish to about 13 inch.

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    I'm just back in town (DFW Texas) from the Navajo Quality Waters. It's like a swimming pool with fish really, lots of fish. Lots of big fish. Depends on how easy you want it, but Four Corners is a hop-skip-and-jump from NQW. I am bleary-eyed from the all night drive, but could have images up on my site by tomorrow ... maybe. shannon

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