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  1. Default Cabela's Open. How will it affect...

    A response I made on another site regarding the impact to our rivers and streams and the local biz. What do you Utahns or others think?

    I went Wenesday Afternoon. Great store. What it will attract for example is the out of state traffic within a few hours of Lehi. They will detour to visit and shop. If I was near Sydney, Nebraska, I would. I do not think it will have any affect on adding fishing pressure. Most anybody shopping for fish equipment will probably check them out and that will affect Sportsmans. If I am "shopping" I will go to Cabelas. If I am buying a particular item, I will go to Sportsmans or a local fly shop unless Cabelas has a better price. Sportsmans will have to rethink thier hiring practice and look for more courteous and respectfull checkers etc. Sorry, I would rather have a nicer person at the checkstand than just a "short skirt". Maybe if the "short skirt" was a little more respectful. Glad the local fly shops don't hire that way. I also believe good competition is healthy. Sportsmans has to change. They have had a free ride for a long time. Just my .02

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    That Cabelas is SWEET eh? I want to grab one of their "traditional" fly rods they are selling there for $59. They are very nice rods. I was blown away by that price tag.

    Hey, JB, when we gonna fish again anyway??
    All Means All

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    I might be able to break away the middle of next week. You open then? And what about Island park this October? I will be up at my place for the hunt. Early October we may be able to golf too. You can ride up and back with me. I will Email you about next week. I want to go back to Cabela's when it calms down. Way to crowded.

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    All of that sounds fantastic. I am going up to Flaming Gorge next weekend to fish the green. You should come up. I went back to Cabelas today and picked up a Traditional series fly rod in an 8 foot 5 weight.
    All Means All

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    I know this is a really old post - but I just wanted to mention that the Traditional line of rods is now on sale starting at $49.88. I just ordered the 6'6" two-weight and a RIO 2-weight DT line on sale for $39.88. I hope it does well, and if it doesn't, Cabelas has a "Total Customer Satisfaction Guarantee!"

    Curtis, how did that 5-weight work out?

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