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    Default Cabela's .. New Store ?? Who knows for sure?

    Hey all ...

    Have heard "rumors" that a new Cabela's is gonna open in Mebane, NC or very very close by .. ANYONE have the straight skinny on this ?

    Would LOVE to dive 35 minutes to a Cabela's ... DROOL !!!!

    Yes, there is a Bass Pro about 95 miles from the driveway ....

    Hope all had a good weekend.

    G in NC
    If you are going to try cross-country skiing ... start with a small country.

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    Default Re: Cabela's .. New Store ?? Who knows for sure?

    There are also rumors of one coming to the Portland, OR. metro area. That would be sweet. There is a smaller sized store going in down in the Springfield/Eugene area next year. Other than that the closest one is up near Olympia, WA. Us in Oregon need another option or two.

    Never been to a Bass Pro shops. Looks cool. Closest one is down in SoCal.

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    Default Re: Cabela's .. New Store ?? Who knows for sure?

    We almost had Cabella's set up shop 10 miles North of us. The property they wanted was actually on the line between 2 smaller towns and neither one wanted to share the tax revenue with the other so Cabella's ended up in Lehi which is about 70 miles to the South. Still isn't a bad drive, but could have been so much closer.
    I'm sure Brigham City and Perry are kicking themselves now.

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    Default Re: Cabela's .. New Store ?? Who knows for sure?

    SEE HERE at Cabela's web site for existing locations and proposed locations. That's not to say that demographics don't change corporate minds though.

    Allen R
    Snake River Plain

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