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Thread: Setting a 24?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jasalvas View Post

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    Hi Mo,

    I cant imagine fishing a 32... Now I am going to have to give it a try. Do you tie your own flies?
    I can't tie that small, Joni does it. Jackster, that's what I'm talking about.
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    Default Re: Setting a 24?

    Ant, there's no reason to go first is there?
    The best visual I can think of, is for you to watch "Trout Bum Diaries" Vol2.
    The guys go to NZ, to fish for big mouth browns.
    Fast sets had to be unlearned.
    I had the same lesson here. Really.
    Very large fish (VLF's) sometimes sip a fly, then decend and swallow.
    Say "god save the queen", then set (after 3).
    Say whatever you want, that's 3 seconds or so.
    I like "Gotcha, son of a fish".
    As far as angles. If you do a vertical set, then tip the the rod over to a 45deg.
    You then have the right angle (so to speak) to hook up.
    Setting down stream is the key.
    I was working some fish in a recirculating eddy.
    They were facing down-stream (but into the current), requiring me to set upstream.
    Hope this makes some sense.

    Ultimately, it's not catching fish that satisfies, but knowing how.


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    Default Re: Setting a 24?

    Thanks Jim, all that makes a lot of sense.

    Lately, when a fish hits a dry fly, I've been jumping the gun, so to speak. I'll have to remember "Gotcha, you son of a fish." That's pretty good.
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    Default Re: Setting a 24?

    When I tie anything smaller than a 22 I offset the hook in the vise. Just a little. I think it helps although I still miss a good percentage of the hits on small drys. I do tend to have a greater percentage of hookups if the fish is farther away, I figure that gives me some extra time. I don't know how many fish I've missed when I'm looking down it's throat as it goes to grab the fly. A lot of times I'm fishing pretty close & that's when I really have trouble setting the hook. I know I should hesitate & count or something, but, when I see that open mouth I set.
    Last week I was in Maine Landlock fishing & I was down to a size 20, on 6X. I missed a couple of fish that I should have caught & then I offset the hook a little & caught a 20" male with a large kipe. I think that was part of the problem. They get some pretty good teeth & their mouth doesn't close all the way. I continued to catch mostly males until later in the week & then it turned around to mostly hens. Most of the fishing was on 18 to 24 nymphs with an occasional streamer hook up but I did have some dryfly action. This week they didn't chase much, you had to drop the fly right on their nose. I use a double rig with a 14 weighted fly for weight & 22 or smaller dropper & 95% of the hookups were on the dropper so I missed a lot of fish until I started offsetting the hook.
    The photo is of one of the smaller fish caught, I tried an underwater photo & it came out a little out of focus, but you can see what I mean about the Kipe.

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    Default Re: Setting a 24?

    When using small hooks the fish usually hook themselves when they turn and head back to the holding spot they came from. I do not do anything except tighten the line to see if they are there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FISHN50 View Post

    When I tie anything smaller than a 22 I offset the hook in the vise.
    I meant to comment on that Fishin50. When I used to tie, I offset all my hooks a bit, and agree that it makes a big difference, with all hooks, not just the tiny ones. It can also be done with needlenose pliers, but there is a risk of snapping the hook.

    We are not the only ones who think so either! Below is copied from Florida Fishing Regulations.

    In Florida, it is required to use non-offset circle hooks when fishing with natural bait for reef fish in Gulf waters. Non-offset circle hooks are those in which the end of the hook is inline with the shank of the hook rather than being angled sideways, away from the shank.
    Incidentally, along those lines for guys new to tying, I also use to stick my long shank popper hooks between three 16 penny nails, stick them in a shop (not fly tying vice) vice and clamp them. This would put a big hump in the top of the hook so the cork would : 1) not spin around and 2)This would allow a much wider hook gap.

    Thanks for bringing up a really important point. It can make the difference between catching and just fishing.


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