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Thread: Hopper coolers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by smoke33 View Post
    Where did you find the bigger version? I walked all the aisles of my Walmart and only found the 12 can version on display.

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    Check Amazon (or just Google). I found several different sizes of this infernal thing; ordered mine this morning.
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    Default Re: Hopper coolers?

    I recently purchased the 30 can version for $50. It is also tall enough to carry a few liter bottles of wine upright.

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    I have the yeti hopper 30 and it is as advertised tough I have had it in drift boats ,back of truck, strapped to the top of my dog box while bear hunting,and the men I hunt with all go to the cooler when we get out of the woods leading the dogs or pulling out game.On my last outing put it in the drift boat with 30 drinks well beer and a bag of ice was great. I have had others but the yeti is worth every penny on toughness.

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    My old trick was to take a few 12 oz plastic water bottles and fill about 90% full of water and chuck them in the freezer the day before. Depending upon how long they were in there they would either freeze through or get close. The reason for the 90% is water expands as it freezes! As the water in the bottles melts you always have a COLD drink.

    Saw this reference to cooler ratings here in the board; results may surprise you:
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    Default Hopper coolers?

    I freeze bottles too. Nice solid ice for the cooler! Those hard coolers in the field and stream article cost almost as much as my first fishing vehicle! Insane. Hoppers are much more portable and class up the joint.

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    Its all in the reflexes.

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