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Thread: Orvis Helios 3

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    I tested the 5wt d I think. The reason they say its more accurate is the tip stays where you stop your forward cast as opposed to the few inches of give another rod may give. I sure don't have the funds to buy anything close to that so that was really just wanting to try something on the other end of the spectrum from my LLBean. My rod is stiff is probably my biggest complaint where I cant feel the inertia like I could on some other rods...

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    I watched the video of the Helios 3 five-weights being tested by Trident. He preferred the 5D to the 5F, even in close. In a heavier weight pair of rods in the series (the 7-weights, maybe?), The F version did better in close but gave up just a little in distance work to the D.

    I guess each pair of rods is different (as is each caster). Lots of guys are raving about them, saying they are a big step forward from the acclaimed Helios 2 series and they are apparently selling like hotcakes. If I happen to hit the lottery or receive a surprise inheritance, I'll let you know how I like them....

    Tight lines,
    At the southern tip of Lake Champlain

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    I ma not very familiar with X rods. I still like B3x more as "in between" . Yes, 3D cast definitely fuhrer, maybe even 3F too, but I found B3x-8weight good enough. Hard to shoot 100 but I do not need it and have fun. (Actually B3x in 9 weight would be comparable compromise to 8 weight 3F/D)

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    I generally find both Orvis and Winston's sweet spot to be in their smaller stream rods...Winston loves the Ruby and Orvis the Metawe (sp?). For bigger rivers the designers at Sage, Scott and Loomis and recently T&T have better ideas and when it comes to the salt, particularly the flats, there Loomis and Sage rule. I write "generally" because they are all trying to up their game and new H3 is surly a big leap forward for Orvis...they even provide a white board on the blank for you to keep score on with your erasable marker.

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