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Thread: Fell

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    Quote Originally Posted by clsmith131 View Post
    That sounds painful! I heard the aluminum bars work really well, but have never tried them myself. I usually wear felt, but still have trouble here and there. I personally fall all the time, but it's usually a controlled one down the bank. I haven't hit the rocks in a long time, I feel for you.
    "Falling" is a way of life for me (I'm even on the Counties "At Risk" list here at home) and the allie bars really work. You can easily do your own (or retrofit) .. basic needs are at a good hardware store. A 6' length of allie bar, soft allie sheet metal screws and a tube of Barge Cement.

    Cut bar into fit sections;
    Using a 'cone shaped' drill bit (can't remember what they're called) and drill in just enough so the head of the screw won't be sticking out;

    Barge Cement is water activated so the felt has to be damp for it to set up!

    Bar against boot bottom, drill a single TINY pilot hole in boot bottom;'
    Attach bar to boot bottom and drill the rest of the TINY pilot holes;
    Blob of the barge cement on screw threads and in they go.

    Don't worry about the screws backing out of the Barge .... over the years of doing this I've only had it happen once. As for replacement of the screws just back them out with a socket wrench. That said you CAN'T USE the same screw location twice.

    All that aside ... get, or build, a good wading staff ..... that comes up to the middle of your forehead. The short ones, the norm, are next to useless.
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    Thanks for the ideas and encouragement. I got me some studs and wading stick on order. Breaking ribs is painful and ill take every precaution not to do it again.

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    Sorry to hear about the fall. Like many others on here, Iíve fallen several times. Usually on my butt as my feet go out from under me on steep wet or muddy banks, but last year I fell on some boulders and hit my shin on the end of a sharp rock. I was seeing stars! Iíve thought about getting a wading staff.

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    Rather like Fred falling is all too common for me, dodgy knees and the fact that I rarely look where I'm putting my feet, too busy concentrating and I'm easily distracted by a rising fish(or a pretty face, walked into a parking meter and concussed myself because of that one).
    Slipped on ice a few years back and broke my left shoulder, taking a wetting is all too common, I feel your pain but it will get better in time. All you can do is try to learn from the experience and take steps to lessen the risks next time.

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    Ouch. The only bone I have ever broke was a rib. Talk about painful. The no laughing-no sneezing-no coughing-no sleeping hurts to breath fracture. I hope it's just bruised.
    Nice fish! Do you have anymore pictures of it lying in the dirt?
    As publicity increases so does the propensity of tripping over yards of mono attached to a Dipsey sinker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by corn fed fins View Post
    Ouch. The only bone I have ever broke was a rib. Talk about painful. The no laughing-no sneezing-no coughing-no sleeping hurts to breath fracture. I hope it's just bruised.
    Next time try three ribs, collar bone and big toe, all at the same time, thank the lord for painkillers.

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