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    I really enjoyed the show. I donít remember the exact wording but there was something that really hit home to me. The narrator mentioned something about the feeling when you make a good or perfect cast. As a new fly fisherman I still make more poor casts than good ones but, I can relate to what Joe said. When I educate the cast correctly , that line goes out, and that fly lays down just right, it is a great feeling!

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    Joe Brooks died before I began to fly fish. Here I am, almost 45 years later learning more about the man and his legacy. I must say that Remembering Joe Brooks was a wonderful tribute, more so because of what he had to overcome.

    Also I never knew that "Lefty" Kreh tied flies right handed using a left hand model of a Renzetti Traveller Vise. How about that!



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    What I love about fly fishing is the legends never die. Edit because I gave Credit to Joe for a fly he didn’t create. lol
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    I always read his articles with admiration for his mastery of the sport and ability to convey his love of it w/o maundering.

    Until this documentary I never appreciated the depth and breadth of his influence on modern fly fishing. In lots of ways we are standing on his shoulders now.


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