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    Default Re: Letís talk rods.

    Until I saw all these 10' 4 wt recommendations, I was gonna say a 9' 4 wt medium to medium fast rod. I have a 10' 3/4 no-name rod that only weighs 3 oz and throws a 5 wt line across a 55 ft stream easily. It is heavier in hand than an 8'6" or 9 ft would be for sure but you do get a seemingly disproportionate increase in line mending ability for each 6 or 12 inches you add. After using that rod a lot for trout out west last summer I came away thinking that a 10 ft 4 wt could certainly be considered the "standard" trout rod for many because of its effectiveness for nymphing and can still throw dries and really control them on the water once there, which outweighs its slight disadvantage in casting accuracy to me. Also good from float tube or kayak/canoe on lakes. If you cast some and compare vs 9 ft you might decide that you want a bit lighter for all day use and it would also do plenty of things for you (i.e. you would fill a niche in your quiver and get your money's worth from it or the 10 ft). The limber 10 ft rod is a very good fighting tool as well. You can play larger fish on the rod very easily without breaking tippets For the record, I own, 8 ft, 8.5 ft and then go straight to 10 ft rods for trout. I also own a 12' tenkara, which made me buy the 10 footer.

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    Default Re: Letís talk rods.

    I bought myself a 10' 4 weight because I thought I needed it, but ended up selling it. Nothing wrong with the rod, it just wasn't something that sang to me. So, I'm not the guy to recommend an overlength rod.

    What I would first do is to figure out why that 2-weight doesn't work for you. Hint: It is almost certainly the line you're using. That's a good rod overall, and should be a great small-stream rod for dries and nymphs. and smaller - size 10 and smaller - streamers.

    Then, I'd find the perfect 9' 5 weight. Not to replace your 8'6" rod, which, as you said, is good for streamers (and bugs for smaller bass). It is, however, a good overall rod to have. Spend some serious time to get the right rod and line for it, and you'll want to kick your wife out of bed and sleep with your fly rod instead. It doesn't have to be expensive - there have been plenty of forums discussing low- and mid-price rods, that will meet your needs.

    So dang, there are not one, not two, but three Pleasant Valleys in Maryland, so I can't help you, but there should be a fly shop to invest the time to visit within 50 miles one weekend. Bring that 2-weight, and then tell them what you are looking for in a different rod, and they'll fix you up.

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    Default Re: Letís talk rods.

    Oh I love that 2 weight. It definitely works for small streams with fries and wets, but it’s pretty short for nymphs without a bobber. Heck I throw little streamers and poppers with that thing all the time. I probably fish that rod most because it’s good for just about any after work stop I might make. All my rods are pretty great for what I use them for (or at least I think so). I guess I’m just thinking of filling the void I have for a rod with a little more reach than what I have that can still cast a dry well, or even a small streamer. I don’t like taking more than one rod unless going out on a boat for a while, and even then I don’t usually take more than one, unless it’s a particularly fishy time on the Potomac where I’d want both the 8 and the 5z

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    Default Re: Letís talk rods.

    Check out Shu Fly's 10 foot 4 weight. I bought it a couple years ago and it quickly became one of my favorites. Inexpensive, too.

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    Time to try a 'glass rod! How about a nice 6wt for warm water use? Or a 7wt? They're fun to cast, relaxing, and you don't have to spend a ton of money. You can find some of the old classic glass rods with great reputations for very little money, or even pick up an Orvis Superfine Glass for less $$ than their graphite offerings.

    I tried one glass rod this spring and now own five (keep in mind that three of them are Eagle Claw Featherlights at a whopping $26 each...). I have a new Orvis Superfine Glass 7'6" 4wt and an old-but-wonderful Phillipson 7'6" 6wt. (And those cheap Eagle Claw rods are plenty fun and functional and get used regularly.)

    Tight lines,
    At the southern tip of Lake Champlain

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