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    I was recently gifted a Winston 2 piece IM6 8’ 4wt trout rod. The serial number puts it on one of the G Loomis blanks. I plan on throwing a little Battenkill click pawl on it. Anybody familiar with the rod and able to recommend a line for the action? I was leaning towards Cortland 444 Peach 4DT or Rio Light Line 4DT. Thanks

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    Look into a 406 DT. 406 lines are true to weight.

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    Tom Morgan designed rods to fish with a true weight DT and my experience is that is the best way to go.

    My favorite line for Tom’s rods is the SA Trout but the Cortland 444 is also good. I have not tried the 406 yet but I have heard good things about it so I will probably pick one up at some point.

    You have a great rod, I hope you enjoy it

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    Thanks for the replies, I kind of figured something in that ball park is what it would want. I will check for all three locally before I order something on line. Can’t wait to get it on some good water.

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