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Thread: Adding tippet

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    I see what you meant now, just replace the whole leader, not just loop on new tippet like I do. It makes sense, but lots of guys don't want to toss a leader if they can continue to use it by simply knotting on a new tippet section.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flav View Post
    I'm with cwb, just tie a loop at the end and loop to loop on 3 feet of whatever tippet you want. I cut off the tippet and install a loop in every leader I buy, before I even use them. This way I get a season or two of hard use out of my leaders.
    For context the vast majority of my fishing (2hander's) I use a Furled Leader with a tippet ring at the end. You can get these in clear mono, or just about any colour you want. You can tie your own or in my case I just order them up from "Cutthroat Leaders." Save for the tippet every thing is Kevlar thread and that stuff is thin and [U]it just isn't going to break!

    Well made, never had one give up on me. He has premade' s on his web site.

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    I'm forever tying on new lengths of tippet to "diminished" leaders. My rule of thumb is that if it's REALLY easy to see the difference between the diameter of your leader end and the diameter of the tippet you want on the end of the whole thing, you probably shouldn't tie that tippet on directly, but step it down. But I don't step down by just one size, like going from 3X to 4X; I'll often step down two sizes, like tying 4X onto 2X. If I have something like 5 feet of what used to be a 7.5 ft. 2X leader, I'm figuring the end of it is now probably 1X or 0X. If I want my final tippet to be 4X, I'll probably tie on enough 2X to get it close to the length I want, and then just tie the 4X onto that. Or if I want the final tippet to be 5X, I'll probably tie on a couple feet of 2X, a couple feet of 4X, and then the 5X. And then there are the times I run out of tippet (I seem to go through 3X a lot faster than any of the other sizes), so I have to modify my half-baked formula. If I know I'm going to be fishing small dry flies, I'm fairly careful to step down my tippet lengths, or I might just say the heck with it and put on a new leader. But nymph fishing...doesn't matter much.

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    It seems to me that too many people are having problems figuring out when to add tippet or are making it harder than it needs to be.

    The simple solution is to use a tippet/leader gauge and you will always know everything you need to know about your leader. I have used the Mike Rite leader gauge for years and years and it is still good as new. They are a bit expensive but will solve all of your tippet/leader questions concerning the diameter of the leader/tippet. This is one accessory that I think every Trout fly fisherman should have in his kit. Do yourself a favor and get one. There may be another on the market that is a little cheaper that the Mike Rite. You will need a list of leader diameters for the leader/tippet you might be using.


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    Quote Originally Posted by wls View Post
    I know this has been answered before, but I can't find it.
    I have 6' left of a 2x tapered leader. Can I add 3' of 5x?
    Someone posted a formula once.
    Thank you in advance.
    You've got plenty of good advice on how to add tippet to your leader, so I'll skip giving you my two cents on that subject.

    I'll just point out that your situation is exactly why I began using tippet rings over a decade ago. Never had to wonder how much leader I had left after that, if I'd taken too much taper off the leader to just tie on some 4x or whatever and just right back to fishing. Never mind that most people have no idea how long 18 inches/24 inches/36 inches is anyway . . . or that every knot added to your leader is a potential weak point, grabs surface scum as if magnetically attracted to the stuff, and so on.

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