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Thread: Orlando show

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    Default Orlando show

    I know its the first day but, anyone know of a site that is posting about whats going on in Orlando.

    We have been teased about several new rods and reel here on the board so is there anyone there blogging or posting whats up ???????

    Bruce A. Hering
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    Default Re: Orlando show

    Plenty of blogs out there....try Midcurrent for starters.

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    Default Re: Orlando show

    Hell ... I live in Orlando, didn't even know there was a show going on. The local news stations haven't said word one about a show.

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    Default Re: Orlando show

    Not just a show, THE show! They've been pumping it up for a few weeks now, but you're right, I haven't seen anything locally. Not even at our fly shop.

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    Default Re: Orlando show

    The general public is not invited to this show , it is for industry professionals to show their goods, make a few deals and attend seminars on how to sell more stuff to us ....

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    Default Re: Orlando show

    There are several threads going now on new products from Sage, Scott, St. Croix.


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