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Thread: Is the 4 wt. loosing favor?

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    Default Re: Is the 4 wt. loosing favor?

    Seems to me like its moving towards a 9 foot 6 weight as small mouth become more fashionable. Who knows though, i see alot of guys using 7 weight steely rods for smallies. All i know for sure is that i get A LOT of strange looks for using a 4 weight for bass fishing. Even though the number one fly by a huge margin is a #10 weightless bugger.
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    Default Re: Is the 4 wt. loosing favor?

    I've had more than one person tell me that a 4wt is too light for bass. Here's a 16" smallmouth I caught back in May. They were chasing baitfish in a foot of water, and I cast a Black Nose Dace into the mix. The smallmouth that took the streamer bolted so fast downstream, that he left a bit of bird's nest on my spool! I was afraid he break off, but was using a 3X leader and hand lined him in. He jumped quite a bit, and I caught the last leap on the video below. I don't think that a heavier rod would have landed this bass faster......

    [ame=]YouTube - Flyfishing for Smallmouth at Neshaminy Creek. May 25, 2010[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - Smallmouth Neshaminy Creek May 25, 2010.... Flyfishing[/ame]

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    I'm a 3wt, 5wt and 8wt fan personally. 5wt seems to be the most versatile for what I fish, and I have just as much fun as on my friends 4wt while still being able to cast stupid long distances.
    my 2 cents...

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    Default Re: Is the 4 wt. loosing favor?

    It probably depends on what type of water and fish you live closest to as to what rig you use the most. In my case it's mainly 4 and 5.

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    Default Re: Is the 4 wt. loosing favor?

    If it wasn't for my purchase of a 4wt Streamdance Metolius 7'6" rod earlier this year, I would not have returned to fly fishing. A long time ago, I was sold a 6wt 9' rod and it simply did not suit the area / streams that I fish and after many frustrating attempts, I put it away for about 5 years. Since I bought the 4wt, I've been fishing 1-2 times a week during the trout season and am LOVING it.

    It is horses for course, I reckon.


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    Default Re: Is the 4 wt. loosing favor?

    Having a BIIX in a 6w, I can honestly say I'd use it in place of my 4w and not bat an eyelash (even though I don't). I forget it's a 6w. I think because it weighs the same as most 4w's anyway. Love to play with a BIIX 4w. Jackster?
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    I guess I will throw my 2 cents in...

    Here in Iowa I fish trout mainly in spring creeks that are in fairly open country. My buddy uses a 3wt but I use a 4wt. It is easier to cast in the wind and I am able to cast streamers as well as make delicate presentations with smaller flies. I use a 6wt for bass fishing just because I want a rod with a little more power to cast bigger flies.

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    Default Re: Is the 4 wt. loosing favor?

    More of the same from me. When I'm fishing dries, I'm almost always using my 9'0" BIIt (not BIIx). It's just a lot of fun to fish; delicate presentation, plenty of line out there when you need to reach under the far bank, and a great feel with a fish on the line. Landing 20+" Browns and Bows is not an issue with this rod. My wife, on the other hand, will not part with her BIIx 8'6" 5 wt.; any other rod just always looses for her.

    For small steam fishing, I'm using 7'6"-8'0" 3 wts. exclusively; particularly the slower action graphite rods, like Sage's ZXL and glass rods like Diamondback's Diamondglass and TL Johnson's Synergy line (I actually have a one-of-a-kind Syngery rod from Terry; a bamboo colored blank with Burgundy wraps; it's a fish stopper and a fisherman stopper!).

    There was an article in one of the Fly Fishing mags about a year ago; asking if the modern 4 wt. was taking the place of the 5 wt. and, for me, the answer would be yes if you're dry fly fishing; no if you're throwing weighted nymphs or streamers. For streamers, I err on the heavy side, probaby more than I need to; I'll routinely go to my GLoomis GLX Max 9'0" 6 wt. For me, it's a great streamer rod.


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    Default Re: Is the 4 wt. loosing favor?

    I fish primarily tailwaters, and my Scott 4 weight gets 75% of the work load. I only fish my five or six weight in very special cirumstances - mostly in very fast currents on big, wide rivers just so I have a little more backbone in case a fish decides to run. I have people question me all the time about being able to land a big fish on a 4 weight. So far, mine has never let me down even on fish upwards of 20+ inches. I really love fishing my 3 weight, but just don't find it as versatile.

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    Default Re: Is the 4 wt. loosing favor?

    Very interesting question, and I think the 'answer' may well be "yes." Rod/lines they flick are far too close together for 'most' to even really tell the difference between one rod weight to another. Every other rod rating (3 vs 5, 5 vs 7, etc) now there you really can tell the difference.

    No order in the choice of numbers above, but so many rods are really 'multi-line weight' it's a 'who cares?' Now some rod makers really nail down a specific line weight in the design. These Puppies can well be worth the $$.

    Just my .02 cents.

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