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View Poll Results: What is Your Favorite Rod Length

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  • Under 7'

    1 0.73%
  • 7'

    3 2.19%
  • 7'6"

    10 7.30%
  • 8'

    10 7.30%
  • 8'6"

    24 17.52%
  • 9'

    76 55.47%
  • 9'6"

    6 4.38%
  • 10'

    6 4.38%
  • Over 10'

    1 0.73%
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    Default Favorite Rod Length Poll

    I know that this depends a lot on the circumstances and locations that you are fishing but as an all around go to rod what length do you prefer over all others and why?


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    Default Re: Favorite Rod Length Poll

    all around? 9ft.

    I've got rods from 7-10 feet long and they all perform well in different situations. I generally will use a longer rod than average in a given situation.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Same here BigCliff... I've got most rod lengths covered. Each has there own place. I need them all. Its though to single out my single favorite rod length. I suppose that if I was forced with a gun to my head, and that's what it would take, to only have one fly rod to cover my every fishing needs... it would be a 8'6". It would be a little too long for the brushiest spring creek and a little too short for a windy day on the lake or for extreme reach nymphing. But overall it would serve me well.

    The following is an excerpt from my article "The Perfect Small Stream Fly Rod"

    Rod Length

    My very first small stream fly rod was a 2/3 wt, 7ft rod. It was so cute. I once took a fishing trip to the Cimarron River where I booked Doc Thompson of High Country Anglers. We fished the Cita which is a private stretch of the Cimarron just bellow the Cimarron Canyon State Park entrance. This section is a classic small stream just loaded with hungry Browns. I met Doc at the trail and started to assemble my gear. He patiently watched as I assemble my 7ft rod. He then calmly said, “Why don’t you leave that rod here, we’ll take my 9ft 4wt instead”. I was bit confused and my feelings were a little hurt. I was taught that you need a short rod for small streams and this is definitely a small stream. However, I figured he was the expert on this river so I’ll take his word for it. We were soon on the bank and Doc pointed out a nice pool to cast to. After I made a few drifts, he said, “Here, let me see your rod for a minute”. He then taught me how to properly high stick. I then saw the advantages of a long rod on a small stream. Doc had me to cast out with only about 1 or 2 feet of fly line hanging out of the end my rod. He then had me lift the rod high while keeping it parallel to the ground. I was trying to keep all of the fly line and as much of the leader as I could off of the water. This was creating, of course, a perfectly drag free drift. Occasionally I was able to lift the entire leader from the water so that the only thing touching the water was my dry fly. This took a lot practice but I finally got the technique down pat and caught a lot of fish. I made very few overhead casts. I mostly flipped and rolled so the brush and trees were really not much of a problem.

    Rod length is a very important consideration and, in some situations, maybe even more important than rod weight. As you can see, there is more than one school of thought regarding the proper rod length for small streams. The short rod advocates are steadfast in their beliefs. The long rod proponents are equally convinced there technique is superior. I can see that both rods have their place. This is where the character of the stream itself will help you in determining the best length for you in a given situation.

    Shorter rods, 5 to 7ft, may be ideal for the tightest and brushiest of creeks. Best of all, these short rods are so cute and so sweet. On the opposite side we may find the need for that long rod. An 8’6”, a 9ft, or perhaps even longer rod may be the best choice for the meadow stream that offers little casting impediments. Maybe you’ll be high sticking to finicky trout and you need that extra reach. The Global dorbeR Group in Flippin, Arkansas now produces a 10ft 1wt fly rod blank for this type of fishing.

    Don Oliver is no doubt one of the best small stream guides in the country. His fly shop and guide service is located in a small stream heaven called Durango, Colorado. With no less that eight small mountain streams within his reach, Don is a small stream and dry fly fanatic. Don says, “My favorite small stream rod is a 7 1/2 or 8 foot two or three weight”. He really enjoys his 8’ – ¾ wt Voyager Fly Rod from Stone Creek Limited. Give him a fly rod and cigar and no trout is safe all day.

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    Default Re: Favorite Rod Length Poll

    I can't imagine what a 10' 1wt would feel like. I can't help but think that would be the ultimate buggy whip, but lord knows it would protect a tippet! You'd sure have to keep your hook sharp though. Seems like it would feel like driving a nail with a pool noodle. The thing would probably flex to scary shapes with a 16" fish on.

    All that said, I'd love to give one a spin. I bet the rod and line would almost feel as one.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Well Cliff... I think you need to try one and then give us a report. You'll have to contact a custom rod builder though... cause that's the only way to get one now.

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    Default Re: Favorite Rod Length Poll

    I'll add it to the list, but it's not gonna make the top five anytime soon. Hmm, wonder how it would roll cast...

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

  7. Default Re: Favorite Rod Length Poll

    I truley Love the 10' rods. But I am also getting way into glass and in that case I don't think I will go much longer than an 8'6". It will whip the line out there and they set the hook for you.

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    well most of my fishing is sm. creeks, rivers
    bush waking, the back country.
    so 8' and under is fine,
    although i have some bigger ones.
    see ya Greg

  9. Default Re: Favorite Rod Length Poll

    i would say around 8 feet. mainly because i fish alot in ponds around here and their isnt much room for a back cast, or a need to really throw a fly more then 25 feet.

  10. Default Re: Favorite Rod Length Poll

    8.5' is about all I use. Here in Oklahoma where I go it serves me well. I seldom get into areas of heavy brush and with the wind I find the shorter ones are hard to use. I have a 9', but it is so stiff I seldom pull it out any more. Some of the guys I have fished with have shorter ones and I've tried them, but they just don't feel right.

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