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  1. Question need some answers please

    ive been fly fishing most my life my father started me on it before a spinning rod he said anyone can sling bait. ive always fished for trout in montana and i moved out to eastren montana now and we got fish like sauger, bass, northren pike, tiger muskey all withen a hour drive from were i am at i just got questions on. what types of flys should i be useing is it better to use dry fly or nyphs and i got a 4 piece redington 5 wt do i need to up the heavienes of my rod and lines for the bigger more aggresive fish like the pike any information would be a great help thanks

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    well probably for pike and musky don't go below a 8wt for sure because otherwise you'll probably fight the fish for too long and it will die. The line for that depends mostly on the type and depth of water. The best will probably be a intermediate sink line because then when your fly goes out and say there's a weedbed that you want to go through, then when you strip it in it will sink and go straight through where the pike are,(This is for lakes just so you know),. 8 times out of 10 i'll use a intermediate sink. because the only fly you probably wouldn't use for that is a popper. The flies for pike would be some clauoser minnows and some deerhead ones.

    For bass a 8wt again. This with a floating line. very rarely would you use a sinking line for bass fishing. for bass the flies you can use poppers and bumblebee colored stuff and just flies that make a lot of noise in the water.

    Hope this helps

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    As Basher says, an 8 weight rod would be a good choice. Not just for fighting bigger fish, but also for throwing larger wind resistant flies.

    You'll be mostly looking to throw larger baitfish imitations, not the dry flies and nymphs you're used to for trout. Some of your trout streamers, especially big ones would be good though, and buggers will work on just about everything.

    Clouser minnows, crayfish imitations are good smallmouth flies and might pick up some catfish, walleye and sauger too.

    Pike and musky stuff is usually big and meaty. Some rabbit strip divers, Mega Divers, and other stuff that imitates big baitfish are some of the standards.

    Largemouth will grab the small mouth flies and smaller versions of pike stuff, as well as deer hair bass divers like Dahlberg Diver, bigger Marabou Muddlers and will go for topwater stuff like poppers under the right conditions.

    As far as fly lines go, you might want to think about the water you'll be fishing. You might want to think about a full sink or sink tip. The full sink might be better if you are going to be fishing deep lakes and ar working from a boat. A full sink is easier to use in current (easy to mend the floating portion) and will get flies down in bigger rivers, and deep holes, and is also a good choice for lakes if you're fishing from shore.

    An intermediate might be good for shallower lakes fishing water say 6-10 feet deep from a boat.

    A floater would be good to have too for shallower streams, you can use a weighted fly to get down deep, and would be good for shallower sections of lakes (around lily pads and grasses) and for fishing topwater stuff.

    No need to buy one of everything, check out the conditions on some of the water if you can and try and find some other fly guys through local shops, this board, or FF clubs like Trout unlimited or federation of fly fishers that might have chapters near you.

    And if you can't find any nearby a good fall back plan that might work pretty well for a lot of different conditions would be a sink tip and an inexpensive reel with an extra spool with a floater on it.

    Your 5 weight stuff will be good for panfish, and throwing stuff like trout size streamers and panfish poppers for small bass and for any trout you do find--- I think there is some trout water below Ft Peck dam but you might want to check that.

    hope this helps, good luck.


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