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    Default Re: Why do you invest your time in fly fishing?

    Unlike many of you, I have only been fly fishing for 2 1/2 years. After pouring everything I have into Medicine for ~30 years, I retired. Fortunately for me, I was introduced to the 'great unknown' fishing. The science, the art, the skills, ...all supplant, if not replace the satisfaction achieved from a career as a Doctor. I couldn't be happier standing in a river, studying the bugs, watching the river flow, seams, etc... trying to decipher which bug, thrown at which site will elicit a take. Don't underestimate the power of nature...a truly Ethereal experience,


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    Default Re: Why do you invest your time in fly fishing?

    It's absorbing. When I'm focused on presenting to a large trout, or working down a steelhead run searching for a riser, time flies. The tug is the drug...

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  4. Default Re: Why do you invest your time in fly fishing?

    I invest time and money in saltwater, flats, sight fly fishing because of the challenge and humbling experience. Also I invest time and money in Steel and Brown in Michigan though working the midnight shift for Browns is not a must nor is bouncing lead off the bottom for Steel or Salmon a must. However, flyfishing is only part of my portfolio. I "invest" in freshwater Bass fishing in Indiana with both casting and spinning gear...enjoy slow unweighted Senkos. I invest time and money in Bluewater conventional specifically East Cape Baja where biggest bang for the buck can be had...stand-up in calm seas. As a consummate gear head I have gear for all...torn between a used 9wt Method or a used JDM Daiwa custom plug reel. But no can do...saving me bucks for the Baja trip in 10 days...I can taste the Wahoo cerviche and rum now...
    I like to fish and at 77 I want as many days on the water as I have left

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    Default Re: Why do you invest your time in fly fishing?

    It’s interesting to talk to people that, in my opinion, don’t get fishing at all. My BIL had a highly successful career with a Fortune 500 outfit (ironically, one that sold high fly gear as a tiny part of the business mix) and retired young with, among other nice things, a spectacular pad placed mere feet from gold medal trout water in Colorado. At a family gathering, he and I discussed fly fishing, gear, approaches, casting and he decided that he was going to give it a shot. He got a set up and we lawned cast it.

    Months later I talked to him about his fly fishing efforts and how it was going. He said not good. I said what happened. Well, he hired a guide on his gold medal water. Okay, sounds good so far. But he tells me he spent all this money and they only caught a few fish. For him it seem like such a waste of time and money for so little production. There really wasn’t anything more that he could add about the experience and he seemed offended that he was somehow duped into trying fishing. I was just rendered speechless and decided then and there that maybe he and I belong to a different species. Sometimes, the gulf between people is too far to bridge. We can still and do still talk about other stuff, business, sports, even religion, but not fishing.

    Maybe fishing is just hard wired into some people and others lack the genes for it.
    Wherever you go, there you are.

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  7. Default Re: Why do you invest your time in fly fishing?

    It seems people struggle with the difference between catching and fishing. I learn more on days when I botch a presentation to a large fish or totally get schooled On A Wild River while others would get frustrated and call it a crappy day on the water.

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    Default Re: Why do you invest your time in fly fishing?

    I confronted the question of why do I fly fish about 2 years ago when I introduced my neighbor to the sport. He did not have a lot of fishing experience, and it did not take long for him to wish he could catch more fish, and he sometimes wondered aloud to me what would happen if he switched to live bait.

    That also got me wondering why I don't seem to enjoy bait/gear fishing anymore. For a long time I used to lie to myself that fly fishing is more productive than gear fishing if you reach a certain level of excellence. But, the truth is that fly fisherman rarely outfish bait/gear fisherman. After thinking about this a bit over the years, I think there are at least 3 reasons I fly fish: First, as smoke said, it is my art. Not just the cast, but virtually all aspects of it. I really do feel fulfilled by simply fly fishing, regardless of whether I catch a fish, in a way that I never feel when gear/bait fishing.

    Second, there is more adventure in fly fishing than gear fishing. A big reason I fly fish is the places it takes me and the experiences I have. There is certainly some adventure in gear/bait fishing, but fly fishing takes it up a notch.

    Last, I also think the sheer struggle of being a good fly fisherman makes it attractive. Fly fishing is really hard, and being a good fly fisherman says something about your character that transcends the title of fly fisherman. I have watched lots of my friends and family fail at fly fishing because they don't have the patience, dedication, persistence, etc. that it takes to be a good fly fisherman. That blend of art, skill, instinct, experience and knowledge that makes a good fly fisherman makes it personally rewarding to master, and it also makes you part of a select club. Those long days on the water when you spend more time untying tangles and pulling flies out of trees than you spend fishing are unavoidable when you take up the sport. The people who persevere and come out on the other other side of those years all have a lot in common. Not only do we all have an unusually strong love of fish and water, but we also all have the same ability to dedicate ourselves and persevere to find success that is absent from the general population. I think of it as a kind of natural selection in fly fishing. You instantly know a lot about a person when you learn that they are a dedicated fly fisherman.

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  11. Default Re: Why do you invest your time in fly fishing?

    I fish because it takes me away from the everyday world. I like stream fishing above all others. Reminds me of when I was a kid 8 or 9, some braided line coiled in my pocket, half a dozen hardware store hooks and an old pocket tobacco can full of worms, sandwiches wrapped with waxed paper and I'd pedal out to one of my creeks while the other kids played ball, went swimming or road their bikes around the village. I'd hide my bike, find the straightest sapling, cut and trim it with a pocket knife, attach the line, hook, thread a worm on and head up the creek and fill my basket with brookies, build a little fire, toast my sandwich, maybe cook a fish or three on a stick over the fire. Sometimes I'd bring a tin can to boil water and make coffee because thats what the old timers did. Allowed 20 trout a day back then and I would fill the basket. If I ran out of worms a trouts eyeball on the hook worked as well as worms. The whole time learning the birds, their songs, the flowers and trees, follow a deer trail, marvel at the sight of fresh bear tracks, all manner of such things intrigued me. In my mind I was on an adventure, an explorer, maybe Tom sawyer or Huck Finn on an expedition. Those were the days when simple things were larger than life.

    Today 50 years later it's much the same for me, only difference is is's a fly rod in hand, rarely if ever keep a fish. I still marvel at the sparkle of a fishes scale in the sunlight, the mystery of a pools depth and what awaits my fly as it drifts in the current. The sounds of the birds are harmony to my ears, the critters, the smell of wildflowers and forest, the tangy sweet taste of wild strawberries, the intricate windings of a birds nest and the tiny eggs it holds. All this and more is what fishing is to me.

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    Default Re: Why do you invest your time in fly fishing?

    I fish, therefore I am
    there's a reason they call it fishing, not catching

  14. Default Re: Why do you invest your time in fly fishing?

    For me its not just fly fishing "ITS FISHING". The peace and the surroundings and still the excitement after 55 yrs fishing of hooking and maybe landing a fish.
    I remember my father bought me a wicker basket to sit on and a cheap rod & reel when aged 5ys the rest is history.

    Still love the pastime and now retired can do it more often. As has been said you do not need expensive tackle to fly fish many of the cheaper end rods are excellent value.

    My favourite rod is an Scott STS built late 1990s

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