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    Default Re: Lobbing tungsten - is it really fly fishing?

    100 fish on the fly is a weeks worth or work on the Driftless if the stars align.

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    Default Re: Lobbing tungsten - is it really fly fishing?

    Occasionally I find myself in a fishing situation where I could possibly catch 100 fish. That's where they've stocked very recently and the batch is still gathered up in a big wad. If they decide to eat you can just catch one after another. The thing is, after about 10 I lose interest and actually go after some harder fish to catch. Wierd, I know. Parr sized river-hatched fish, same thing sometimes. You can't get past them to get to the fish you're actually targeting.

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    Default Re: Lobbing tungsten - is it really fly fishing?

    I don't think I have fished for plants and many years. I do agree that if there are large fish to be had I will always choose them but some rivers I fish don't have anything larger than about 17 inches. And a 100 fish day isn't something that you aim for, and almost none of those were under 10 inches, but if you keep moving upstream and throwing flies they just add up. And I was having fun and who wants to stop fishing just because the fish are too willing? That would be stupid! And it was too early to go home any sooner cause I think I only fished from about 8 till 2 that day, not counting the hour of walking on either end to get there and back again.
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