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mudbug 10-23-2010 11:18 AM

low water and high water flies.
I've seen these terms mentioned a few times, maybe also referred to as low flow or slow water and fast water.

Being fairly new to this I don't really now what this means.

Can someone clarify it for me?

Ard 10-23-2010 11:56 AM

Re: low water and high water flies.
To simplify the issue; generally the terms are applied to a wet fly or streamer pattern. The low water fly is usually either smaller (hook size) or tied very sparse on the hook if using a fairly large hook. High water ties are most often made fuller with the materials providing more bulk (think of this as a larger profile) to the lure. The thinking is that in a higher / faster flow of water you are trying to attract attention to the fly with added size. In low clear water too much attention drawn to the flies size can be counterproductive. The smaller fly will land more softly and present more of a drifting morsel appearance rather than looking like the Bismark entering the pool. There is no hard fast rule for this because a fish will grab things as it chooses. The idea that a smaller or sparse pattern works better in low water is a generalization.

fredaevans 10-23-2010 11:57 AM

Over simple answer here.
Low water flies can be two things: First just a smaller fly (hook size) or it can be a 'larger' hook with very little in the way of material(s) used in the tie.

High water flies will usually be fairly large/larger hooks/etc., as you want the fish to really 'see' the thing as it moves into his zone of vision. Just personal observation here (only) but the more 'coloured' the water the higher the probability the fly will be a 'dark' tie to better contrast with the water. Sounds backward, but it works ..


mudbug 10-23-2010 12:22 PM

Re: low water and high water flies.
Ahhh, thank you both, that makes sense.

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