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    Default Re: Felt or Rubber Sole Boots .. An Open Can of Worms

    Here in the Sierras it seems like most river bottoms are like walking on slick bowling balls. The only thing that ever saves my dunking is a wading staff.
    A couple of years ago the first boots I got were rubber. My rational at the time was I needed a sole to hike to/from/climb away from the river in addition to being in the water.

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    Default Re: Felt or Rubber Sole Boots .. An Open Can of Worms

    While wading the Clackamas this past summer i was doing so with just the rubber wading insert soles in my Korkers. It was pretty dicey. I am all for prevention of spreading AIS and will get rid of my felt when required to do so. In the mean time i make sure to thoroughly clean, sterilize and dry the soles before wading a different body of water.

    I hope the rubber spiked soles i picked up work as well as the spiked felt ones. The spikes are quite a bit larger and there are more of them, iirc. If so i will be satisfied.

    I certainly need a staff though.

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    Default Re: Felt or Rubber Sole Boots .. An Open Can of Worms

    First let me say that I certainly don't want to be the one that infects a stream with invasives.
    But, I'm not at all looking forward to giving up my felts.
    I like remaining vertical.
    I've tried Vibram soles. Don't let anybody kid you, it's not the same.
    Third, I'm not too thrilled about having anyone tell me what I can or can not wear while I'm fishing. (rant edited )

    Vermont goes "feltless" next season and I will comply with their laws. They do have a didymo problem and I won't be the one to make it worse.
    However, when and where ever it's legal, I plan on wearing my felts
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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    Default Re: Felt or Rubber Sole Boots .. An Open Can of Worms

    Quote Originally Posted by coot View Post
    Do you use the studs in the Riversheds or just the rubber bottom ?
    I don't use the studs, but I am considering doing so, especially this winter on the ice and snow.

    Again, I have always found certain surfaces to be slippery with either felt or vibram. If you don't want to eventually get wet, stay out of the water. Most falls I take are not because of slippery surfaces, they are because I am a klutz or I am not paying attention to what I am doing or I am wading in water I have no business being in. I usually fall when playing a fish and standing in water about ankle deep. I just feel that the vibram is just as good as felt, and better in certain circumstances.

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    Default Re: Felt or Rubber Sole Boots .. An Open Can of Worms

    I'm fairly new to wading and I bought a pair of felts. I did a lot of research first, reading reviews, articles, and I have yet to find a person that says that rubber soles work as good as felt on slippery rocks.

    I've read reviews where they said it was tolerable or good for some wading (heck, my hiking boots work fine in most of the small creeks) but never on slippery rocks.

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    Default Re: Felt or Rubber Sole Boots .. An Open Can of Worms

    I am on the Felt side.
    Common, let's be honest, felt is still far more slip resistance than the rubber on slimy rocks... at least under my feet they are..
    I try to be careful going into different water with my felts on, I clean/rinse the felt very well. I know rubber is better for the environment.. but I care more about my own life..

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