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    Quote Originally Posted by jds108 View Post
    Can you describe the problem? I have bought lots of stuff on ebay and thought about doing some selling there.
    As a former seller on eBay, there are several problems/issues that can happen as a *seller*.

    Dead beat bidders, people who don’t read the terms, people who don’t pay attention to the condition or look at the pics close enough are ones who can become a problem as eBay will side with the buyer almost 100% of the time.

    Then there’s the scammers. Ones who say it didn’t arrive or was not in the condition as described, etc. Again, eBay will pretty much side with them and take the buyers funds out of your PayPal account.

    The other thing to consider as a seller is your feedback, or lack thereof, as a new seller. It’s best to start with some of your cheaper, less expensive items and build some good feedback scores as buyers usually do pay attention to that especially on big ticket items.
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