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Thread: What rod kit would be better?

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    Default What rod kit would be better?

    I'm looking at the premium kit from cabellas and the rainbow rver kit from the js kit is cheaper even considering that you have to buy some things seperately but i have heard good things about the cabellas kit. Does anyone have anything to say about rainbow river? Thanks for the help!!!

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    Default Re: What rod kit would be better?

    rainbow river? do you mean the rainshadow kit? if it's the rainshadow kit, the blank is offered by/through batson enterprises and they call it their RX7 series, an imported blank, probably in matte grey color (unless it's the previous model lineup inwhich case it may be olive green) and should be fine. nothing seriously wrong with them and would work great for most general flyfishing.

    it's hard to compare to the "premium kit" from cabelas since they offer a premium level to several of their blanks and you didn't specify which model you were thinking of getting. in general, from what i've read and a buddy having purchased a kit from cabelas at one time, they include all you need to complete a rod.

    if you have an intended species of fish you'd target and specified the kind of water you fish you might receive specific model suggestions if you need that. from the little info you offered i would imagine either would work fine and there wouldn't be anything wrong with going with the cheaper j stockard ff kit. though i have ordered from cabelas in the past, from reading others' experiences, you would probably get more detailed helpful customer service from jstockard flyfishing on details related to building that kit. and sometimes smaller companies like js ff might even allow for you to exchange a component or two for something higher grade (while paying for the upgrade of course). i consider jstockard to be one of those companies which cater to the home builder and they were very helpful to me one time i dealt with them. no guarantee from me they would offer extra service but it's worth considering.

    would this be your first foray into wrapping your own rod?

    fresno, ca.

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    Default Re: What rod kit would be better?

    Yeah, this will be my first time wrapping my own rod. Sorry for the little info the rx7 blank is the one i was talking about. I'm going to be getting the 6'6'' 2 wt in whatever kit i choose. The cabellas kit i'm going to be getting is this one. Cabela's Premium PT+ Fly Rod Kits

    thanks for your help.

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    Default Re: What rod kit would be better?

    the cabelas kit would be good. but the epoxy supplies are for one or two rod at a time i think. one thing you should be aware of, and forewarned about, is that rod wrapping can be very addicting. you would in the end appreciate the fact that the jstockard kit requires you to purchase some things separately (i'm guessing thread finish and such, no?). you may seriously become addicted and find yourself buying rod blanks up like crazy and envisioning a new rod for all types of conditions. and with blanks available from tiger eye/sevier, batson, pacific bay, lamiglas, etc, you'll realize you CAN afford so many more than if you bought off the shelf rods.

    fresno, ca.

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    Default Re: What rod kit would be better?

    Yeah i'm pretty pumped about the whole process. I can see it being very adictive, but its an addiction that i can live with. Any tips on the process that i might find helpful as a beginner?

    thanks for all your help!

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