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    Default Yellowstone, wow

    My wife and I just returned from a week at Yellowstone (including two days at Grand Teton). Fantastic place, we had a great time. However, I did not do nearly as much fishing as I thought I would (probably less than four hours total). Bear in mind that I live in Vermont, with excellent (and highly varied) fishing within a short bicycle ride from my house, and there is so much else to see at Yellowstone that you won't see anywhere else maybe in the world.

    We made the short hike up to Trout Lake twice (although my wife does not fish, this was her favorite experience on the trip). As you walk around the perimeter of this small lake (I think it's about 200 yards across) you can see scores of large fish cruising around in the shallows, within about 10 or 15 feet of the shore (perfect for tenkara, but with one caveat below). I don't do a lot of sight-fishing at home, so it was fun casting to individual fish. A bit frustrating too; they generally didn't get spooked much, rather they just seemed bored. You can cast your fly right on their noses, swim streamers across their paths, and they might casually glance at it, follow it for a few feet and swim away, or just simply ignore it. I just fished from shore, but there were a couple of guys in float tubes, and I read that people have dragged canoes up there. I did manage to catch one large cutthroat with my tenkara rod, and that was interesting. I had one other bite but I wasn't paying attention and lost it. Now for the one caveat alluded to above: given the potential size of the fish (one guy told me his buddy had caught a 26 incher a couple of weeks prior) you probably don't want to use a superlight flimsy tenkara rod. My rod is actually a fairly sturdy keiryu that I use for bass fishing. Even still, I think that might've been the largest fish I have caught with that rod.

    I did very little (measured in minutes) river fishing. I did toss a line in the Lamar (near Soda Butte) and Yellowstone (near Nez Perce Ford) rivers with no success, though admittedly I didn't spend much time at it. I spent about 20 minutes fishing in a couple of small pools on Pebble Creek, a couple of hundred yards from the main road. I had one hit and then on the next cast I lost my fly and half of my tippet and called it a day. I was going to go back there a few days later but turned right instead of left coming out of Trout Lake and when I finally realized I was going the wrong way we decided to do something else instead.

    Anyway, the sightseeing was fantastic; just with luck of timing, were able to see Old Faithful, Grand Geyser, and Beehive Geyser eruptions. I was really fascinated by the geological stuff. And we couldn't have asked for better weather.

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    Default Re: Yellowstone, wow

    Your description of Trout Lake, and especially the reaction of the fish to flies, is perfect.

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