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Thread: Dave Scadden

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    I own a Dave Scadden McKenzie Drifter X2. A month ago I went to a show in Lodi California where Dave Scadden was showing boats. I was interested in the Outlaw X5. My boat is OK but it just doesn't fit my needs. Since I have X7 frame I asked Dave if they made the outlaw pontoon hull that could handle my frame. He said he had the new 2009 Outlaw Avenger that is designed to fit my frame. He made it clear that they had them so I bought the Pontoon sight unseen. Then I asked Dave if they made the Pontoons in house. He tells my yes they do . He went on telling me that they do everything in house and the process in which they are made. A week later I email Dave to see when my Pontoon hull was going to ship since they already had taken my money from my account.Well come to find out they were still waiting for them to arrive. Well I was told they were made right there and Dave told me so. Well it turns out that The only thing they do there is package the boats up and ship them out. They farm everything out they are just a store front. Well I was told that it was in its way and they should be there in no time. A week later no pontoon and no possible delivery date. I finally had to tell them two more weeks or I will get my money back because the lies aren't working anymore. At the end of this week over a month later their time is up and a refund is in order. The next time Dave is in California he will have some explaining to do in front of a few hundred people. Embarrassing him is the only way to I know of to cure his problem. Lying to people is just bad business . But to keep lying is just plain stupid. It is customary not to take money until the Item is ready to ship. This was in no was a special order or a deposit required. I don't fill like financing their business I just want what was promised.

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    michael, how many internet fly fishing message boards will you be posting this to?

    fresno, ca.

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    I was hoping Dave would notice and give me a straight story. But that hasn't happened yet.

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    Dave's in house is where they're put together. All the stuff is made locally or within the Mountain West. So you've waited a month. The new boats are hot and selling fast. Ever thought you might be one of hundreds that want that boat and production gets backed up. I know it's not a Harley Davidson, but a few years back if you wanted one, you waited a year or more.
    Why not call the shop before you put out these kind of posts on the internet?
    Life is not like a bowl of cherries. It's more like a jar of ghost peppers. What you eat today might burn your ass tomorrow...

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    I have to admit, this hits me the wrong way also, when someone starts to bash a company.
    The bad thing is, when you get it and you are blown away with it...this post still lingers, like dirty laundry.
    I have been to Daves shop and NO they are not made at the STORE. The covers are made in one shop and the bladders another as well as the accessories. However, the bladderless pontoons does cut down on one step.
    Mojo is right, there could be allot of orders before yours.
    I understand you are disappointed that it isn't there yet, but I personally don't think it is worth BASHING.
    "All good things come to those who wait"

    but, one of my favorites..."What goes around, comes around".

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    mojo and joni, michael may have a point here when he says dave said they are all made in house but then indicates they are not. hence the long wait. and michael indicates he has been in contact with them already so he probably already has the phone number.

    michael, you indicate you've been in contact with scadden and/or his company. that's good. but i've got to admit there are a couple of aspects here which are questionable on your part. if anybody hasn't noticed yet, these two posts in this thread are michael's first contributions to this community. the same thing happened on the same subject at another one of the message boards i frequent, his first posts to that community also with the same subject. i'm not going to conduct a search for anymore threads elsewhere, but that was the reason for my initial question in this thread.

    it rubs me the wrong way when someone has a problem with a company and turns to a message board for the specific use of discrediting/bashing the company. not just at one forum but two, probably more. it illustrates the worse of the internet, anonymity. if you had posted your experience at a community you frequent and did it objectively michael, i would have given you the benefit of the doubt and appreciated the review.

    now i simply feel sorry for scadden having to deal with michael.

    fresno, ca.

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    ezamora, absolutely....that is what I was getting at also.

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    I guess I would feel differently if an established member were to post a complaint or warning regarding a product or company or service associated with the product or service, but to join merely to do seems wrong.

    On the other hand if I were looking into a product that is fairly expensive and may be possibly misrepresented, I would want to know.

    The assumption I would make is that if it were going to take a month or so to receive my product, I would know that going in. If not, you guys are a lot more patient then I am.

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    2PR, you got a great point.
    NFO is a small company so to speak, that has put out several products that are to coin a phrase "SWEEPING THE NATION".
    Again, due to it's size, orders do take time and every show I have met up with Dave, he makes no secret of that. It took TWO months for me to get my Navigator II (ordered in early spring, so didn't really matter to me)

    Price wise, they are STILL "USA" made with the exception of maybe outsourcing the side they are not made on a big assembly line.
    Plus he has several different models to contend with.

    Around here, and by that I mean I live less than an hour away from NFO, people realize it takes time for the NEW MODELS, specially if there is metal work involved.

    IMHO, still the best boats on the market!

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    My complaint is they took my money and then told me they didn't have them in stock. The proper way to do it is to check to make sure I have the funds available and charge me on the day of shipment. That way if it took to long I could cancel and not tie up my money and I am paying interest on that money while they are not keeping me updated. It's in route when the manufacture is across town is not acceptable. It's like the check is in the mail when it really isn't. Well I finally received the hull and I owe you at least a picture of it assembled .So here it is.
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