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    I read here and there on blogs that Kelly Galloup was to have a second book on streamers called «*Modern Streamers 2*» around 2010/2012, but I can’t find such book anywhere!

    Does anyone know if it has ever been published ?



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    I looked for it about a week ago and couldn't find it either.

    In the meantime, if you want some good reading check out the articles at The Fish Whisperer

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    You might call him at his Slide Inn fly shop. I bet he has a copy to sell you.

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    Thanks for your answers. I got an email answer from Kelly Galloup himself this morning so I thought i’d Share the good news here: he expects the book to be available mid to late November !

    Sounds like a perfect Xmas gift to me....


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    Awesome! Thanks for the updates! The internet’s great and videos are cool. But I still prefer a book to really dig into a subject. Kelly’s first one was a great read and really inspired me to mess with streamers more. Really looking forward to his new one!!

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