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  1. Default Lost Fly Box - Clear Creek, Golden, CO

    Hi... I know it's a fat chance... But I sadly watched my green Gator floating, foam, fly box, full of dry flies float away on Clear Creek in Golden, CO on Saturday Oct. 23, 2010. If anyone happened to find it, you would make my day by returning it to me! I'm not a rich man, and that box was worth well over $100.




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    Default Re: Lost Fly Box - Clear Creek, Golden, CO


    Not good news for sure, I have never lost one but can imagine your feelings about this. If there are any fly shops in the area I would put up a little poster and hope that someone who has all the flies they need found your box. Otherwise I would go down stream to the next access and fish up every time I went out for the rest of the year. Pay special attention to back eddies and down trees as you go. Anywhere you see litter or foam gathered by the current may be where you box is to be found.


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    Default Re: Lost Fly Box - Clear Creek, Golden, CO

    Did you have your address or phone # in the box. Years ago I lost one on the Lackawaxen river in PA.. About 2 weeks later it came back in the mail with a short note. The finder did not want any reward or even to be repaid the shipping cost. I would like to think that I was not the only lucky one & there are a lot of honest people out there so maybe you'll be as lucky as I was & It'll show up.

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    Default Re: Lost Fly Box - Clear Creek, Golden, CO

    Dooley: Sad news indeed, hopefully some kind hearted fly fisherman will find it and return it to you. I'd sure post a note at all the local fly shops in your area. Good luck!

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    Last summer a friend was visiting from Washington State. We met at the Cheeseman Canyon parking lot at 6am to fish. As Paul pulled into the dark parking lot he noticed a flyrod and reel lying on the ground. After a great day of fishing we posted a found note at the local fly shop and in the following days I posted the found combo on and monitored all the local forums and boards. Someone from a board I didn't even know of emailed me and said a guy posted about a lost rod at the parking lot. After a confirmation process it turned out this was the guys rod. Paul sent the rod back to the guy and there was much rejoicing. Don't give up hope there are good people left in the world.

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    Default Re: Lost Fly Box - Clear Creek, Golden, CO

    Ugg, that would really suck. I can imagine the gut ache just sitting here reading this. Sorry man, hope by some miracle you get it back.

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    Default Re: Lost Fly Box - Clear Creek, Golden, CO

    Good luck. I had a Sage rod roll out of my truck bed last year and was lucky to get it back. I no put my name and address on all my gear if possible.

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