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    Default Re: TSA is ever vigilant

    As a radiologist, a simple low energy digital x ray is all that is needed of a PLASTIC rod tube.

    My local airport is a rural airport and they have a CT scanner for checked baggage. I know because after our bags are tagged we have to hand carry them to the scanner. A CT would be able to see the rod in a PVC rod tube,

    With a CT scan with 3D digital reconstruction, they can create a virtual image of the bag contents. Maybe that technology will make it into the TSA.

    3D reconstruction of a distal clavicle fracture. The 3D at the upper left is pre-op. The regular X-ray image 2nd row right is not preop but much later after removal of hardware. See screw hole defects in the bones.



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    Default Re: TSA is ever vigilant

    Like any other employer, they have to recruit from the human race for a job that has little to recommend it. Even more so than city cops they have to be right EVERY time. Bad guys can try, and fail a lot and only have to get lucky once. Like most top-downs, the lower levels have all the responsibility and zero control. It's a stressful job that makes the paycheck seem smaller the longer you work for it.
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