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    Default What's The Worst Weather You've Fished In?

    Just was looking for a spot for everyone to swap stories about the worst weather they fished in. I know we all have them!

    I almost had one but fortunately, we called the trip off about 9 hours before we were going to head out. It ended up the rivers and streams we were going to fish were so blown out, they were still recovering 4 weeks later when we rescheduled the trip. Entire large round hay bails were washed down the rivers a good 10-12 miles, homes were knocked from their foundations, roads were blown out and bridges were closed.

    It was really kind of eerie to see the area 4 weeks later with trash and hay bails stuck in trees, cars on their sides, and the leaves on the trees were brown from the mud in the water that stuck to them.

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    Default Re: What's The Worst Weather You've Fished In?

    I took a beginner boat fishing to teach him the basics, he'd fished from the shore but had never been in a boat before. The sky grew darker and darker, it was ominous, we headed for shore and tied up shortly before the storm hit. We were actually inside the storm, thunder and lightening all around, the smell of sulphur filled in the air. Even sheltering under an overhanging bank did little to protect us from the ferocity of the rain, never before or since have I experienced rain like it. When the storm had finally passed we discovered that the boat was almost under water, it took the two of us almost an hour to bail it out. I dread to think how things would have turned out if we had stayed out on the lake, carbon rods and lightning don't mix, we would probably have sunk the boat as well. On the plus side I caught a 4lb wild Brown trout moments before the storm hit, I always wondered if that fishes capture and the impending storm were coincidental?. We caught nothing bar that brownie before the storm but had a reasonable return after, boating 5 rainbows in quick succession before we called it a day.

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    Default Re: What's The Worst Weather You've Fished In?

    Fished a white out in Altmar, NY a couple years ago. Or tried to.

    There was already 18" of snow on the ground the previous day. While driving from my parents to the LFZ in Altmar.....I could see ominous dark clouds some 10 miles away and I was heading straight into them. I'm from upstate bad could it possibly be?

    Well....never had I experienced a white out from lake effect snow like this before. I believe it snowed a foot an hour (or so it seemed). I couldn't see 2 feet in front of my car. It took over an hour to drive those 10 miles once I hit the storm. There was only a narrow one way path on the road. I made it to town...but quickly realized I was stuck. I made a break for the gas station and waited for the plow to come through. I think it took 2 hours before the plow finally came through. I stayed behind the plow driving with my head out the window for those 10 miles back where I came. Keeping the tail lights of the truck in front of me in view the entire time.

    And like a light switch....once clear of the lake effect band, it was calm and the nightmare was behind me.

    Scary stuff.


    “If I fished only to capture fish, my fishing trips would have ended long ago.”
    ~Zane Grey

    " . . . shouldn't a man stand on his own two feet and catch his own steelhead? Maybe put out some effort and find his own fish just for the fun of it?"
    ~Syd Glasso

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    Default Re: What's The Worst Weather You've Fished In?

    Was fishing from a boat in Belize and watched an approaching squall. A water spout dropped down a quarter mile east of us, so I looked upward to see which direction it was heading. The spout's tail reached upward and bent toward us. I was looking at a Wizard of Oz tornado directly overhead. A large black, donut-shaped cloud was directly overhead. I started the motor and we went 1/2 mile south, then watched it cross a small island, whipping the island with 60-70 mph winds. Wow. People south of us thought we were in it!

    Otherwise, I fished in a Yellowstone NP snowstorm along the Gibbon River. As the snow accumulated to 2-3" I suddenly realized I might not be able to get my car back to the campsite. I found the car buried, but the roads were okay. My tent was buried too, and I cleared it. But during the night snow was followed by freezing rain, and my tent was crushed to 2'. It was a long night. My car doors were frozen shut. Yikes. But hey, the fish were really snapping.

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    Default Re: What's The Worst Weather You've Fished In?

    I had planned an opening-day (01April) trip to the West Branch Ausable in NY several years back. I arrived at the river after a night of single-digit temperatures. The water had patches of slush flowing on the top and I couldn't keep a fly in the water. The guides were freezing up after every few casts.

    I kept at it for a while to justify the two-hour drive to get there, but it was futile. I did make the front page of the Plattsburgh paper, though. I was probably the only fool on the river that morning.

    Tight lines,
    Attached Images Attached Images
    At the southern tip of Lake Champlain

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    Default Re: What's The Worst Weather You've Fished In?

    Light snow. did pretty good.
    R Reese

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    Default Re: What's The Worst Weather You've Fished In?

    Last day of fishing in last few days of Oct. 2017. Quake Lake in Madison Valley, MT. Forecast cloudy, thirties. Reality, cloudy, twenties, windy. Ice in the guides. One fish, a 12" cutt oddly enough. I later figured out the wind chill was 17 F.

    Fishing in snow or other bad weather seems perversely appealing until you do it a few times, and, well after that ........

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    Default Re: What's The Worst Weather You've Fished In?

    The winter steelheaders that fish the Great Lakes tributaries are often on the river at the same time I'm standing on a frozen lake, ice fishing. Every winter, when I get jonesin' about fly fishing, I daydream about heading out to the Salmon River for steelhead. Then I step outside the house and come to my senses. ;-)

    Tight lines,
    At the southern tip of Lake Champlain

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    Default Re: What's The Worst Weather You've Fished In?

    Rain, sleet, snow, temps dropping, unable to light a fire. The four of us took shelter in our tent with nothing to eat but a box of frozen Tootsie Rolls, 144 of the frozen little *******s. We were teenagers so we didn't want to to give up and drive home. So we got in a tootsie roll fight with each of us taking a corner and doing our best to hide behind our sleeping bags while winging a roll at one of the other guys. We stuck around till noon the next day and someone caught a 3 or 4-inch sculpin. We called it quits and stopped at The Diamonds on I-44. We ordered a ton of food while other customers ask how we got all the cuts on our hands, arms, and faces. They thought the Tootsie Roll fight was hilarious. We had a few other trips with the weather turning on us but that one memory stuck.


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    Default Re: What's The Worst Weather You've Fished In?

    At 15 I took a class deep sea trip in November on a 65' party boat on the pacific, all the other captains stayed in port that day due to gail warnings. Weather really went to **** mid morning, deteriorating from there. We got fish, but by noon we were really in the _____. Cold heavy driving rain, the biggest seas I'd ever seen to that point in my life, most of passengers were either sea sick or getting sick from being around those who were sea sick. On the long slow run home we had green water breaking over the bow, decks awash, we'd go down into a trough and the world would disappear, the next moment we'd be breaching the crest of the next wave all the while holding on to anything we could get our hands around for dear life. frankly I was to fricken' scared to get sick and honestly, I think the capt. was well past concerned too. I think he knew he'd screwed up royally. Obvisouly we made it back, his boss, the charter operaters look when we came staggering off the boat soaked, frozen and green to the gills told the tale.

    The coldest I ever was, was the first year that one of the best known outdoor and fishing industry soft goods companies, decided to make a short casting jacket. I got to be just one of the guinea pigs who tested out their layering system with their new jacket. In a wet sideways snow storm on a steelhead river I found out that the jacket was a complete failure.

    This isn't a bad weather story, but a funny one to some. Back when it was neoprene chest waders or nothing, I got ahead of my fishing partner at days end on the walk back along a road side to our rig. It was deep winter, evening and freezing. I was tired so while I was waiting for him to catch up, I leaned up against the steel railing along a bridge. After a couple of moments I felt the burn of cold coming through my capilene long johns, when I went to pull away I found out that my wet waders from my butt down to my upper thigh had frozen to the metal. When my buddy got done laughing his butt off, we tried to come up with a quick fix, so he did what only a good friend would do.....saved the waders and I headed back down to the river for a quick rinse.

    I and I'm sure thousands of other guys have stories about their trials at Pyramid Lake NV. in winter. Any fluid leaking from any orifice frozen, pelted by driven coarse and fine sand, being able to hold a 10 wt type 4 shooting head up in the wind and have it fully extend like a flag waving in the wind. Mind numbing cold at times.

    Like to say I'm smart enough to avoid situations like that, but on this past Saturday morning, just after sun up I was sitting in a float tube in an icy lake, in freezing temps, hoovering right below the 10,000 foot elevation mark. The fact that we had this great little body of water all to ourselves should've raised some concern. But then I told myself, if my partner, a woman in her sixties, a right handed caster who is two and a half weeks into a broken right arm ( Ulna ), has the grit to be casting and stripping streamers with a grimace one momment and a smile the next, then maybe all of those male / testosterone suppliment / " get a grip men " commercials on the tube are right.

    Your turn......Dave

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