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Thread: Different subcategories of Fishing boats!!

  1. Default Different subcategories of Fishing boats!!

    Here's a few Fishing boats related talk that i'd like share with you.

    Fishing boats fall into four subcategories.

    The first subcategory is the Canoe. Canoes are usually made of aluminum and they have very distinctive shapes where it can easily be moved by its users on water by the rowing actions of paddles. It entails a balanced and rhythmical type of rowing which cannot be done by many.

    The second subcategory is the Rowboat. Rowboats are in the form of a semi-V-shape. Most are made up of aluminum and there are some that are made out of wood. They are usually no more than 14 feet long and usually have benches along the side where people can sit and fish from. Rowboats are moved either by using a pair of oars (one on each side) or attaching a small engine to the rear.

    The third subcategory is the Johnboat. Johnboats are from 10 to 18 feet long which is always proportional to its width. Most of them are also made of aluminum. They are not just economical and lightweight, but also they are very stable which is beneficial for fishing. These Johnboats can be run by either rowing or using a motor engine as well.

    The fourth and last category of fishing boats is the Utility boat. Utility boats are also made out of aluminum, and like Rowboats, they are semi-V-shaped. Their length ranges from 12 to 18 feet. Utility boats are generally used for professional trade-fishermen who catch using nets.

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    Default Re: Different subcategories of Fishing boats!!

    I think aluminum canoes have gone the way of the great white buffalo
    They're noisy and can be hot in the sunshine
    Good for 'trippin' maybe, but there are other materials that make for a better fishing craft

    I have a fiberglass canoe and a plastic, sit-in kayak myself
    I like the canoe for fishing freshwater ponds 'cuz there's room to kick back and I can stand to cast if I like.
    I use the kayak primarily in saltwater. I like its stability and speed
    Kayaks are just plain fun to use and often I'll paddle around more than fish.
    Make's a skunkin' easier to take
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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    Default Re: Different subcategories of Fishing boats!!

    Where do boats like bass boats, lunds, rangers, tuffies, and similar boats like that fit in?

    When I am up in Canada I fish out of a ranger 619 and when I mean fish I do mean fly fish.

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    Default Re: Different subcategories of Fishing boats!!

    How about the "Drift boat"?

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