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Thread: Hello from the south

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    Just a note to say hi to everyone just joind today. I live in cent. Ar with a great wife and son and a wonderful daughter in north MO going to school. I fish the world famous Little Red River( caught an 11lb bow a couple weeks ago). For those that dont know the LRR is where the world record brown trout came from. I also fish Greers Ferry lake for hybrid striped bass, smallmouth,large mouth and spotts, and bream with a fly rod and other fish with other gear. Fly fishing has always been my great love in the sport, but I also just like catching fish. looking forward to talking fishing with ya'all

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    Welcome to the forum Bear.

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    Thank you sir,
    I use to fish around the rocky mountian natinal forest some, my mom grew up in Fort Colliens, we use to go back once a year or so. My fav was twin bear lakes, caught some great bookies in there.

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    Sounds like you are in a sweet spot! Welcome. I'm further south for better-or-worse. shannon

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    Yes we seem to have landed in a pretty sweet spot, my wife and son have both cuaght their first browns and a bonus brook for my wife, and I have caught a rainbow that was 15 lbs now. Go figure move to an area known for BIG browns and I catch a rainbow of a life time haha, not that I am complaing at all.

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    Welcome bear. Did you get a chance to run up to the Norfork last week when they shut off the dam?

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    Thanks all,
    No we didnt get a chance to head up there, bet it was hot though. I know our river was the first few days after they stoped generating after 3 months.

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