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    Default Fly Rod Transportation

    Has anyone seen or know of a permanent hood-mounted fly rod carrier? You know, for transporting "between spots" as opposed long journeys to get to rivers.

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    Default Re: Fly Rod Transportation

    There was a thread not long ago with some different approaches-

    Car Rods

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    Default Re: Fly Rod Transportation

    Here ya go. Tight Line Enterprises - Rod Transport Systems, Fly Fishing Products, Magnetic Fly Guard

    I've had mine a year. I cant believe I didn't get one sooner.

    Addendum: Sorry I just saw you wanted a permanent solution.

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    Default Re: Fly Rod Transportation

    How 'bout the one on the front of this car?

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    Default Re: Fly Rod Transportation

    Never seen a permanent fly rod rack for cars, my boat has one but that's a boat...…….. I've been using a magnetic carrier I bought from Orvis in 1993 with no problems ever. It's quite similar to the one linked in a previous reply.

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    Default Re: Fly Rod Transportation

    My first rod carrier was a magnetic one, but when I got it the instructions said the device was rated for 55 mph, pretty hard to do shuttles on the highway at those speeds. Plus I always wondered what or if the wind would impact its holding potential, but I never did have a mishap. My latest outside rod carrier is a suction cup model made by Sumo, it is rated at 105 mph. I've had this rod carrier for a few years now, and from experience I can tell you that to get a really good bound both surfaces must be clean. I like to use a wet shop towel to clean both the spot on the vehicle and the suction cups.

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    Default Re: Fly Rod Transportation

    I am too paranoid to use magnetic or suction mounts. I need to have mechanical attachment - u-bolt the sucker onto a luggage rack, something like that. I used to have a car set up this way, with a piece of PVC pipe, cap glued to one end and screw-in cap to the other. I cut a slot in the back end so I could slip a rod with a reel into it, in a pinch. I didn't have expensive equipment in those days, so joggling the rig around while traveling didn't bother me. I wouldn't put my Hardy Zenith into a PVC tube, though.

    Longer transport, I just break the rods down and re-tube them. Well worth the extra few minutes to re-rig a rod, AMHIK.

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