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Thread: Yo, Axel27

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    Went down to Stoney creek, via Harry Murray's of course. Picked up a couple of Mr. Rapidan emergers and bead heads sizes 12+14 ea(use em for examples for tying). Talked to Harry a while he informed me there will be advanced tying classes and some beginner stuff too. Anyway my boys got themselves some rainbows on powerbait, which was the mission anyway. 1 had to earn a scout badge/belt loop, the little one is 3 now and still didn't have his first trout yet (but he ate it tonight). Anyway after that adventure, we hit the Gander Mnt. store there at 37 & 81. WOW what a place!

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    Sorry, was out of town for Thanksgiving week. Soon as I got back, I had to go to the Philly area.

    Sounds awesome. I haven't been to Harry's, although a friend of mine goes there sometimes. You're boy is in Boy Scouts, too, eh? My youngest is a Tiger Cub. He likes to fish, but he has the attention span of a gnat. That will come soon.

    Took my oldest deer hunting last Wednesday. Although he denies it, I think he jumped out of his skin when I pulled the trigger.

    We should get together and do some fishing. I know some real good spots for panfish. I might do some fishing in the early spring up on the North Fork of the South Branch of the Potomac.
    It's not the heat, it's the stupidity.
    What manner of jackassery will I be subjected to today?

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    Yep, mine too, Tiger Cub, and now the little dickens wants to hunt all the sudden. But I'm trying to get him on the fly rod for trout and break away from that power bait, was gonna be a challenge till he saw a junior fly vest at Gander mnt.

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    My oldest likes to fish, but he's a teen, so everything's "ok" to this point. I'm trying to get him into fly fishing but he shows little interest.

    My youngest, he's 7, is into it, but only as much as a kid that young is.

    I took him hunting with me a few weeks ago. I was proud of him as a flock of about a 2 dozen turkeys came up on us and he didn't move a muscle. He's a hunter. I'll keep at him.
    It's not the heat, it's the stupidity.
    What manner of jackassery will I be subjected to today?

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    Spoke to my tiger cub last night, seems he'd be willing to start flyn' with dad if I bought him a cheap combo. If he gets any good I'll build a rod for him and put an Orvis on it.

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    I'm on haitus right now, at least as far as fly fishing goes. Way too damn busy. Been a bit more than hectic around my way as of late.

    I figure I'll take the boys out in the early, early spring.
    It's not the heat, it's the stupidity.
    What manner of jackassery will I be subjected to today?

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    Wifey wanted to know today if I still planned on buying junior a fly vest and rod? Ok, well maybe just a rod now, she inquires if I would be fishn' anymore until spring and are the boys going with? LIKE DUH WOMAN! If there ain't no ice on the water what in the world did she think I'd say?

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    Hey Vaflyguy,
    I got my dixiepup started when he was 8yrs the way i got him started was by taken him with me and kept him by my side as soon as I hooked a trout I would hand him my flyrod and let him fight it well after 4 trout it was like A flyfishing guru was born.I had to go get him his own outfitt and sence then there hasnt been a day that we dont talk about flyfishing Dixiepup is now 11 and he helps me guide he lrts me know what should be hatching he helps spot fish his my right hand. now working with my other dixiekiddy. This should be great u have a great day! dixiedawg vet. flyfishing services

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