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    Default Re: What am i doing wrong

    pie, like the others have said "Don't give up!!!" It took me several years to catch fish on the fly rod with any regularity. If you get dicouraged just put down the fly rod and use the spinner for a few days, then go back to the fly rod. I used to carry my spinning rod with me all the time and when I would get discouraged I would go to the spinner. One day I finally got fed up and told myself I'm going to catch fish on the fly rod and left the spinner at home. It took a few trips but I finally started getting more confident with the fly rod and started to catch fish. Now I hardly ever use anything else.
    The closest trout water to me is about 1 1/2 hrs drive. I pass most of my time on the creek by my house catching bluegills, rockbass, smallies and carp. Any fish is fun on the fly rod not just trout. For me trout fishing is a special trip that I truely enjoy.
    Just don't give it up! As you build confedence with the fly rod you will start catching more fish. Learn where the fish are in a local creek or lake and go from there.
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    Default Re: What am i doing wrong

    The best way to get better is to fish more often. (How do you get to Carnegie Hall ??).
    Do not bring a spin rod when you go out. Stick with the fly no matter what. You won't get better if you give up and go back to "old ways".
    My trout fishing IQ grew most when I fished 4 or more days a week.
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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    Default Re: What am i doing wrong

    You've already got some great advice....don't give up!fish with a friend,fish more often,fish for other species than trout,use different techniques(dry,nymph on sight,streamer),tie your own flies...enjoy being on the water,learn to read the river and to locate on your casting ...the other day I had a long talk with a friend while we were fishing...I was wondering why I was still so passionate after so many years...what matters is not the number of fish you catch but the way you can lure it...

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    Default Re: What am i doing wrong

    Here is a good three part episode that will cheer you up called "Rookie on the River Bank":
    Be sure to scroll down and read part 1 first.


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    Default Re: What am i doing wrong

    I started out handicapped by bad gear as well as a profound lack of knowledge- a 7 wt Shakespeare composite POS. I'd NEVER bring it out if anyone was around-too embarrassing. Stay with it; it'll come and the fish will come with it.

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    Default Re: What am i doing wrong

    I know how you feel. I have had my set up for about two years now. During the past two years I have slowly began to collect various tools relating to to fly fishing. I have yet to catch a fish on my fly rod, but I am happy to say that my fly casting has gotten very better!

    I went out today to the sy river in sb county, cal, and even though I did not see a single fish, I had a blast. I really hope that I can find a local, veteran fly fisher to observe, and to help tune my casting and overall fly fishing techniques.

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    M first question is where in MN do you live? Being a Iowa guy I drive 2 hours myself to the driftless area for trout. However, I also fly fish for bass, pan fish, etc around my home. I know a lot of people who flyfish for smallies, pike, and walleyes. It is just a matter of switching tactics. Smallies on a fly rod are a BLAST!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pie314 View Post
    Ive tried trout streams and some of the "best" lakes here in the land of 10,000 lakes. ..... Is it time to hang it up?? or is this just how it is when you start out in this sport?
    I see you are here in Minnesota with me. DO NOT GIVE UP. PM me a phone number and I will help you with getting fish here in Minnesota. It might be a bit late to attempt it this year, but you may even want to take a trip up here to where I live and I'll will show you some stuff that help with the fishing in Minnesota.

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    Default Re: What am i doing wrong

    You arent doing anything wrong.. You just arent doing enough right .

    Some great advice already on here . The best being however you do it get a fishing buddy or formal instruction . I dont know what it is like in your side of the pond but over here joining a club means loads of new buddies some of whom will be happy to give you the benefit of their knowledge or lack of it...

    On the UK forum I visit there is a thread that was published by a very good and very experienced angler it is a compilation of various articles he wrote for a paper. It is an excellent introduction to rivers and reading a stream , I have flyfished for over 40 yrs and when I read it last year I was very impressed it is here: I would suggest that you read it

    Reading Rivers, Tracing Trout - Fly Fishing Forums

    I hope that you find it usefull...

    Other than that I would stick at it I learn something new every season In fact the longer I fish the more I realise there is so much to learn.


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    Default Re: What am i doing wrong

    Pie, Rome wasn't built in a day...You got some great advice here, my suggestion is find a nice pond with bluegills and go enjoy yourself flyfishing for them, you'll get a real confidence boost with them.


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