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    Default Re: What am i doing wrong

    Thanks for the comments guys. I'am normally a person who likes to learn things by myself without help but, i have realized that fly fishing will be a lot more fun and sucsessful if i recieve a little help on the water. I have signed up for a begginer fly tying class(streamers) and a casting/fishing class on the water. Also looking at a guided float for next spring to gain experience on reading the waters i will most likely be fishing. Again thanks for the advice.


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    Default Re: What am i doing wrong

    Brian: Looks like you are heading in the right direction, good luck with your progress and don't hesitate to ask questions, we have lots of very knowledgeable folks here that are more than willing to help.


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    Go out with a guide. Tell him or her that you want to learn. It's expensive, but you will probably catch fish and you will learn.
    We're all in the same boat. We all come 'ere and we don't know why. We all go in our turn and we don't know where. If you are a bit better off, be thankful. And if you don't get into trouble an' make a fool of yourself, well, be thankful for that,'cos you easily might.--J.B.Priestley

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    Default Re: What am i doing wrong

    I didn't read what everyone had to say, and I've only been flyfishing for two years so I'm not even close to an expert. And I'm sure these guys probably told you all the things everyone told me when I started.

    "Take some classes." "Go with someone who knows what they're doing," "Quit whining and pass me a beer."

    Hmmm. Maybe that one was just for me. Anyway, what I can tell you is that when it comes to things like flycasting, golf, dancing; anything that might require rhythm, I haven't got it. And as for the flies, I still don't know what 90% of them are for. But they look pretty in my flyboxes.

    In other words, if I can do this crazy addiction, then trust me, YOU can do this as well. It just takes time. And you have to ask A LOT of questions. Use your inner pest. I harrassed a couple former guide friends of mine mercilessly for the last two years. Everything from how to tie knots to what the heck is that thing for.

    One serious piece of advice: when you go fishing with someone who knows what they are doing, you're not fishing. You're practicing. Do everything they do, exactly. Don't even think about catching a fish.

    That's about when you'll hook one.


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    I don't know if it has been mentioned, but you may want to use a smaller fly, like a #10 or 12 Hornberg or muddler minnow. The Hornberg can be cast like a dry and when it goes under, strip it is as a wet. Also, start off with a floating fly line if just beginning with a 7 foot leader and 2 foot tippet of around 6lb test.

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    I have been at this for 7 years now, and even at this point the formula is the same as it was when I started: Keep having fun! Read something, talk to someone, tie something, practice something, and then take your new information and skills out to the river. MOST of us are not fishing for fish, but relaxation, connectedness with nature, ourselves, and God. Just an aside but I like the old SIMMS ad; A picture of a beautiful serene sunrise over a stream with the faint sihlouette of a fly-fisherman, the caption read "NOT ALL CHURCHES HAVE PEWS". I think they stole the idea (loosely) from an Emily Dickenson poem.

    The best thing to do (which I did not, and now very much regret) is to find a fishing partner who is more experienced then yourself. I was not introduced to the sport by anyone, but decided on my own to start fly fishing for trout. In southern Missouri this is not a common practice so there were very few trout fly-fisherman, and none that I could find to partner with. It is especially tough when you are a fair distance from "good trout water". I was informed in my Missouri trout book about many "good trout water" that were in hindsight pathetic little stocking points that were fished out by put and take hillbillies the week they were released. My situation is not much better here in Northeastern OH, except for the steelhead market I am 2 hours away from trout, and 4-6 hours away from really good trout water.

    So be it a paid guide, or the much cheaper option a fishing partner your learning curve spikes considerably with a teacher/mentor. I wasted 2 seasons trekking all over Missouri and only caught 3 trout! That was when I was given some advice at the fly shop at Bass Pro Shops to go to the White River Arkansas. It was one of the most memorable days of my life, none of them were more than 8" rainbows and did not fight much on the 6wt Bass Pro Shops rod that I got suckered into buying; guy said it was the ultimate trout rod.

    I know what it is like now when I take some of my friends who are interested in the sport; it is really simple for them to catch a trout with me standing over their shoulder, picking their fly, fixing their cast etc. I have taken 4 of my friends first time fly-fishing and they have all caught trout in the first hour! I am by no means a guru, but just shows the necessity of having the right information first about where to fish, and then how to fish when you get there.

    So do your homework, find a river that is GUARANTEED to have alot of trout. Alot of websites, books will suggest rivers that are good, but look for one that gives you a fish count per mile; For example in a 2006 survey the Ausable MI boasts anywhere from 7000-15000 trout per mile. When you do the math, you are casting to or over 3 or 4 trout per cast. The Ausable is an exemplary fishery, but even a river that claims 1000-2000 trout per mile gives you a good chance. You do not (at this point in your career) want to be in the situation of fishing sparsely populated streams. That can be a challenge for later adventures.

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    You might want to look up Diver Dan, he posts on this forum he is from the Land of 10,000 lakes and seems to be pretty experienced. He might be able to point you the right way, or if things work out, even fish with you sometime.

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    Default Re: What am i doing wrong

    Don't get discouraged! That is key.
    When I started, I fished two straight summers before I even hooked a fish. And the pictures on my profile are after about 16 years of fishing probably 50 days a year in good years. If there is a local fly or outfitter shop, go in and make friends with them. Give them your business and they will usually start giving you good information. Often times they offer free or cheap seminars on stuff.

    Once you do hook a fish, remember what you did. I have no problem admitting that I used to keep a journal of sorts, with dates, weather conditions, locations, flies, and gear for every fish I caught. Then the next year I would read it and try that or some variation again. This taught me a lot about what to look for in the outdoor world while huntin fish.

    Last, remember why you are out there. Fresh air, you're not at work, no one is *****ing at you, it's quiet. Being a pretty accomplished fly fisherman, I got skunked four outings in a row last January. It happens. That fifth day when I hooked a 10 inch rainbow, it meant as much to me as a 24 inch fish.

    As for small fish, one of my favorite things to do is fish for brookies in places like Yellowstone or Maine. They don't get real big. But it's the sport and the fun, not the size.

    I also bought a whiskey flask and added it to my gear. It helps a lot!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bjweller View Post
    I also bought a whiskey flask and added it to my gear. It helps a lot!
    AMEN, especially if you fish in January!
    Amen to little brookies too, that's what it is all about. Caught 35 in a dusk hatch under the Yellowdog bridge (UP Michigan) in about an hour. Every cast had at least one rise. You will find a magical moment like this occasionally, and other time you will fish 3 days straight without a fish. Based on my skill level of about 3 years, I had no business catching 35 fish that night, but take what comes.

    Sometimes you make your own luck while trout fishing, but if you spend enough time on the water you will be rewarded occasionally whether you have earned it or not.

    Keep asking questions on this forum as well, there are people on here who have forgotten far more than I ever hope to know about it.

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    Default Re: What am i doing wrong

    Quote Originally Posted by ausablebrown View Post
    You might want to look up Diver Dan, he posts on this forum he is from the Land of 10,000 lakes and seems to be pretty experienced. He might be able to point you the right way, or if things work out, even fish with you sometime.
    What he said.

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    Default Re: What am i doing wrong

    fortunately Dan contacted me first and has been very curtious and offered some guidance. I am looking forward to hopefully hitting the water some time next year with him.

    As for now I just recieved the good word from my brother that one of my favorite pike lakes has about 5 inches of ice on it. 7 fresh inches of snow, 5 degrees above zero. Add in a bottle of hot 100 and my jiggin rod and its going to be a good weekend.

    Hey Dan, have you hit any ice yet?

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