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    Default Helios 3 3wt nymphing rod

    I'm looking for any first hand reviews on the Orvis Helios 3 10'6" 3wt nymph rod. I find plenty of reviews of the Recon nymphing rod, but, the Helios is too new to find any info. These aren't rods you can go to your local fly shop and try out in the parking lot, so just looking for any feed back of somebody that has used the Helios. Thanks for the help!

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    Default Re: Helios 3 3wt nymphing rod

    *Bump on this thread

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    They're probably great, but I'd encourage you to just ask the nearest Orvis dealer to get one in for you to try. I fish the 10' 5 weight H3F and love it, but haven't tried the competition style model. I would personally have a hard time sinking that much into a competition style rod, but I don't strictly euronymph and I don't fish competitively either. I usually end up throwing other types of rigs, from streamers to dries, and even my euronymphing is all done with 9'6"-10' traditional style rods. If I was going to get a dedicated rod for european style nymphing, I'd go for a Syndicate or Cortland myself. If you strictly tightline and have the means though, go for it. I'd test it against the Sage ESN and the MasterNymph models if you can though.

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    Default Re: Helios 3 3wt nymphing rod

    I love my H2 but I agree IMO thats alot to spend for that style of fishing, unless that is how you fish 80% of the year.. I do it now and then but use less expencive gear.. There were a few on the Big Auction Site yesterday that were too cheap to pass up and I grabbed one of them for $80 New Fenwick World Class Rods 11'-3 weight and 10' 3 weight How could you go wrong Mike

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    Default Re: Helios 3 3wt nymphing rod

    Google Translate

    There is a french review.

    My buddy bought this rod as well. He thinks its a great improvement from the Recon.

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