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    Default Re: Rod Repair.... Aggravation

    There are good and bad and in between workers/craftsmen in any field from auto mechanics to painters to electricians to carpenters.

    When I lived in Oregon I bought my first custom rod built by the owner of the local fly shop. Over the next decade I ended up acquiring eight of his rods built on Orvis, Loomis Composites and Sage blanks. Two of them I still own and fish regularly.

    I had several breaks or repairs needed over the years (all due to my own errors or stupidity). In one case I decided I wanted a fighting butt on a steelhead rod after using it for a year. In all cases except the modification he got the new rod section in from the maker, rewrapped that piece at no charge and I paid his cost for the new section of blank.

    And I was paying substantially less for the original rod than I would have paid for the factory rod. And he did beautiful work.

    After leaving there in 1988, I didn’t buy a new rod for about 10 years and from then on it was factory rods. I would not hesitate to buy custom again, but just like these other independent contractors I would get references and know who I was dealing with.

    Yes I could end up paying a price for misplaced trust, just as I have with some auto mechanics and painters. But if that is a chance you are willing to take, and if you do your homework, you could end up with a better rod for less money.

    Just a thought from a different perspective. I’m not saying others here are wrong. We have just had different experiences to form our opinions.


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    Default Re: Rod Repair.... Aggravation

    There's a few companies out there that are notorious for having poor (mostly slow) repair services. It's usually the smaller upstarts. Clutch and Moonshine being the two biggest offenders.

    It's why I stick to the well known stuff, Orvis, Scott, Blue Halo.

    I've heard good things about Sage repair services, I hope they get you squared away with out much hassle. Maybe at that point just take the blank to someone else who has a good rep.

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