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Thread: Fishing today

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    Default Fishing today

    Today was a great day fishing, and I didn't catch a fish. My daughter (8) and I decided that she was sick today and the only way to cure her was to hit up a few fishing spots. Today's high was 38, light breeze from the north west. The sun finally shined through the clouds around 2. We couldn't even get a nibble. My daughter caught 3 leaf fish as she calls them. 2 Maple and 1 oak. The oak put up a decent fight. All were released unharmed. We had a great time. My son (13) joined us about 330. He broke his finger Saturday during soccer so his mother took him to a follow up orthopedic appointment. We all fished to about dark. I tried to up load 2 photos but not sure if I did it right. It seems I am becoming a technology challenged person.
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    Tanker, Sometimes sharing with your kids is better than sometimes catching fish. sounds like you all had a great day.

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    Your right, I never had a bad day fishing with my kids. My day success is now measured by how much fun we have not by the number or size of fish. I'm very lucky my kids are well behaved, get good grades and likes to spend time outdoors. Some may disagree with letting your kids skip school occasionally. I look at it as learning just not in a classroom environment. It helps they go to a very very small school. Around 25-30 per grade. On a different note the lake in the picture is about a 4 min walk from my house. The stream is about 5 min by vehicle.

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    I would have loved to see some photo's of the leaves being released back into the water.

    I don't think there's anything wrong with playing hooky with your kids once in awhile, especially if they are doing well in school already. These are the makings of great memories.
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    A slow day on the water is better than any day at work/school!

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    I've really been getting into the big brown leaves lately! They really fight hard once they get into that faster water.

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    Default Re: Fishing today

    Tanker, great way to spend time with the kids outdoors, especially in 38 degree temps-good for them! I'd much rather see kids in the outdoors then messing with a computer! I've been catching a lot of leaves myself, they are very easy to release with barbless hooks!


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