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    Default Re: How Many of us do it?

    Dillon got so sick of the term "quiver" that we elected to stop using it. Extensive discussion during a long drive on a better term resulted in our "kit" of rods. Guilty nevertheless, we carry a lot of rods in the rod rack and more in the tube. a. We have them, b. We like tailoring tackle to the habitat and c. We can and often do fish more than one body of water in a given day...all within range of camp. Fishing a 5-weight all morning until the hatch subsides, a bite of lunch then a 4-weight on a nearby meadow stream and, after dinner, a 6-weight for the evening brown drake spinner fall, takes a kit. I like rods and want to be able to select from my current favorites on a trip be it for a weekend or a month. I don't acquire them to keep them safe at home but to fish with. Even next weekend when we make a quick family visit to Florida, I'll carry on to the plane a brace of 9-weights in case we get and hour or two to ply the big canal near the hotel. Just a small kit.

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    I parked my truck and ran into a fast food place. Came out and the front sonar was gone. Took the unit, left the wires. WTH?

    I was parked next to the bank at a small lake testing out some rods with different lines. Up to my knees in the water when I heard somebody drive up. Looked back and some POS grabbed the 9 wt that was leaning on my truck.

    These days I take it in if I can. Hide it behind the seat or under some clothes that I carry if I can't. I won't leave the boat in a lot unless someone is in the truck to watch it. We were on the way home one afternoon and I mentioned to the wife that it would be nice to stop at a restaurant but no way was I going inside with the 'tackle shop on a trailer' unattended.

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    I never leave any gear of any kind in my Jeep liberty. Now days they will rob the eyes from a dead dog. If I stop for a meal ,I park were I can see it.

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    Default Re: How Many of us do it?

    I've been lucky. I usually carry a couple of rods around, reels etc.

    One way of disguising this is to be messy. This stuff isn't neatly laid out in the back of the Subaru Forester (which has tinted windows and isn't easy to see into anyway). There's a big produce box filled with rain gear and extra socks which is handy for stowing reels, and the two or three rod tubes are obscured by the cooler, the waders, the canvas tote bag I put wading boots in, and other assorted stuff.

    If I know I'm going to be parked in a lightly traveled location for any length of time I adjust.

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    Default Re: How Many of us do it?

    Quote Originally Posted by patrick62 View Post
    One way of disguising this is to be messy.
    One pretty well-known photographer carries his camera equipment in diaper bags.

    He says he rarely has any problems.
    Today is always the first day of the rest of your life.
    Use it wisely.


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    Default Re: How Many of us do it?

    A lot of my rods are 2 piece and those big tubes stick out like the proverbially sore thumb.
    A few years back, when cleaning out my old camping stuff, I came across a bag meant for the poles of an old canvas cabin tent.
    Rips, holes, stains. It looks every bit of it's age.
    It's also the perfect size for storing and carrying a bunch of rod tubes
    Inconspicuous and it even has a carry strap !

    One day while fishing a local small pond for LMB, it was me in my canoe and a couple of guys spin fishing from one of those little bass boats that you can carry in a truck bed.
    I'm afraid that I was showing them up pretty badly with my fly rod and I could tell that they were none too happy about it.
    When I got back to my truck there was a case of motor oil and a pair of new replacement headlights missing.
    Who steals replacement parts that you can't even use ?
    That's some spite right there.
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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    Default Re: How Many of us do it?

    Quote Originally Posted by spm View Post
    Good reminder, Ard. I always remove everything and lock my truck even when parked in my driveway.


    I know this will seem very cautious but I don't even leave my fishing gear in a locked truck which is in a locked garage overnight. A few years some kids broke into my garage and made off with my cigar lighter from my truck. At least the Ottawa Co. cops nabbed the little weasels and returned my lighter within a couple days. They caught them in the act in another garage just down the street from my house.


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    In the lidded storage bin beneath the rear bed of our utility vehicle lives a brace of second tier trout rods and a bag of reels, flies and assorted basic stuff. Just right for an unanticipated angling opportunity. Of course it is fully obscured. Now that it is cold I have removed and stowed it indoors but come April, back into the car it goes.

    Car Tackle 2L.jpg

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    Default Re: How Many of us do it?

    I purchased a lockable hard top cover for my truck bed and have never had an issues. I never leave anything of value in the cab that's visible.

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